Sunday, May 2, 2010

the truth about new haven

is that time,
and the outside world
don't really exist
there are hammocks and castles
...and sometimes
midweek feels like weekend

{complete with weekend warriors mgmt}
it can be dark, but wearing sunglasses is acceptable...
you might run in to your high school chemistry lab partner...

and shenanigans?

 there are shenanigans.

in american apparel, no doubt.

there is also a grilled cheese truck*

and a super hilarious sushi joint*

*more on these later

...go bulldogs?




coooosh said...

A GRILLED CHEESE TRUCK? Perhaps we need to move there.

Meghan said...

It looks beautiful - and the grilled cheese truck? SIGN ME UP!

Mel said...

I love me some MGMT! And sign me up for the grilled cheese truck, love it!

Cole said...

did you say grilled cheese!!! :) my favorite

{ Thy Lady } said...

Oooh! this looks like fun indeed! yumm grilled cheese!! Lovely photos! :)

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