Sunday, May 16, 2010

week 19: fairway cafe and steakhouse

someone's been a bad girl.

this post is one week behind.

and it kind of sucks.

but the food looks good, right?

it was.

it was fantastic.

and finding a crispy schnitzel on the upper west side is as satisfying as finding a hundo in the couch cushions. 

pictured top to bottom:
polenta with bolognese {good}
schnitzel {really good}
molten chocolate cake {HELLLL YEAH}

33 to go.



fairway cafe and steakhouse is located above the fairway market on 74th and broadway.


Maki said...

"33" to go - yay!

min said...

you're making me hungry! ;)

daisychain said...

it really does look good!

{ Thy Lady } said...

YUMMMM everything looks so delicious!! x

Katy Mary said...

You always make me so hungry!! Yum!

Meghan said...

Molten chocolate cake = pure heaven.

City Girl said...

The cake looks so, so good!

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