Wednesday, May 26, 2010

week 21: roberta's

it's true what they say about 
the men have wicked beards,
everyone rides bikes,
and the best places are easy to miss.
some don't even have a sign...
{pretentious? or awesome? pretawesome, methinks}

i do this thing where if someone offers me a gig 
in a part of new york that i've yet to explore,
even if it's the triangle part to bruckner 7 with the youth community volunteer orchestra of bedford-stuyvesant incorporated,
i'ma take it.
just so i can discover places like
in bushwick.

and when bushwick residences and friends
mika & frankie
lead me to this place, and almost walked right by,
i wasn't so sure...

until, upon entering,
i saw this beautiful thing!
the oven
not the dude bending over.
{you wouldn't believe how much sass i got for taking this picture though...}

also beautiful were the pizzas coming out of the oven.
so much so that when given the choice to wait an hour and a half
or to freeze our bums off in the garden seating,
the choice was obvious...

and utterly worth it.

vegan frank got the 
tomato, oregano & garlic

that rolls off the tongue, don't it?

and i, with my newly formed love of pineapple pizza, 
devoured the
tomato, mozzarella, ricotta, cotto, jalapenos & pineapple

{whoever thought of that combination is genius, by the way... 
sweet, spicy, and cheese? yes, please}

with dough slightly crispier
than kesté's,
and local fresh toppings,
this may just be another reason to venture out to brooklyn again...

and p.s. is anybody else obsessed with this neapolitan pizza obsession?

31 more restaurants, people!



roberta's is located at 261 moore st in brooklayyn

mon-fri 12pm-12am
sat-sun 11am-12am
billz & coins only


bananas. said...

OMG this post is great.

a) you taught me a new word - pretawesome.

b) i love all things NY related including brooklyn :)


Kate said...

hahaha. This post is pretty amazing! I'll have to go there for sure if I ever make it to New York ;). I love hole in the wall restaurants.

And now I'm hungry!

Brittany said...

That looks so delish. I am DROOLING over here!

chelsea rebecca said...

pretawesome! haha. yes!
and i'm loving the new look of my name is yeh!! master of html?? i think yes!

The Cottage Cheese said...

Omg, that pizza looks amazing! And that dude's rockin' a pretty cool beard.

Evie said...

That pizza looks fan-freaking-tastic...send some down to North Carolina?

Love your blog Molly!

Dancing Branflake said...

I love your blog! Great photos, great writing, and great food. Following for sure!

Emma Jade said...

you make me want to come to new york purely for all of these AMAZING restaurants you find. Those pizzas look heavenly. can i come live with you?

The Fashion Bloggess said...

wow! great post as per usual!
LOVE your blog sooooo much!
Such an inspiration! Definitely
bookmarking you righttt now!
Hope you can stop by mine
sometime :) xx

Lise said...

Oh wow, I have been mia with exams and uni but I am loving the new look of the blog, and can't believe you are up to 21 restaurants already. I have a bit of reading to do, what fun!

This place looks awesome, the pizza oven is a total match with my ideal kitchen pizza oven (apart from the guy bending over...) and I DO love pineapple pizza. That with the other toppings you got sounds delish. I am massively jealous!

Lise said...

And P.S. Happy(Belated) 21st!! Looks like you had an awesome amount of food celebration, which is exactly how it should be :)

Marlena said...

maaaaan i thought this was in chicago, you should come home and find some yummy restaurants :)

Dandelion and Grey said...

I'm totally hungry now! I LOVE pizza! I'd love to visit Brooklyn sometime soon!

Kim Neill said...


Melissa said...

I LOVE Roberta's!!! Greatest pizza ever, glad you liked it!

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