Monday, June 14, 2010

bánh mìzzle

molly had her first bánh mì sandwich today.

{it's about time!!}

i got it from some rando hole-in-the-wall, 
and i got the pork one.

aside from the easily identifiable pork
and carrots
and cilantro
and cucumbers 
there were a few unidentified ingredients

one of the artificially pink nature
another of the spreadable nature

but i was in the mood to go with the flow.

so i just went ahead without asking any questions
and ate it
and prayed for my tummy in the future hours.

and guess what?
tummy god heard my prayers! 
and it was delicious!

yay for bánh mì!!

next on my list?
it's in the back of a little jewelry store in chinatown.
how cute is that?!




Dancing Branflake said...

I have always wanted to try that! I heard they are amazing. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. That looks so yummy!

FlipFlopper said...

If you like banh mi, you've got to try num pang near union square . . . . gourmet banh mi . . . . the catfish and the shrimp are awesome (have had them), and I hear the cauliflower will rock your socks off ass well.
Also, corn with chilli mayo. I don't know how it is so good.

holy crap, it's good.

Kim Neill said...

That looks so yummmy <3 checkout my giveaway babes. Keep in touch gorgeous! KimboxKimboxKimbox xxxxxxx

Marlena said...

Ok so Im reading this post as Im hungover (yea i know its wednsday, turning 21 does awful awful things) and im ready to weep. it looks SO GOOD, id kill to have that right now.

ps you should so be a writer, you have one of my favorite blogs :)

tess said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I assume you're right that NY becomes easier to deal with the chaos when you live there. I think you and I come from similar backgrounds, in the sense we're both from the midwest, so I could see how NYC could be less intense when you actually live there.

and I see you run a food blog! yum! expect to see me around!

TipsyGypsy said...

I love your blog! And your pictures! seriously sometimes the only wish I have is to eat what I see on your blog. What camera do you use?

Lane :) said...

yummy! that looks so good. :)

Donny said...

the artificial pink stuff should be slices of pork roll and the spreadable stuff is pate. its good stuff!!

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