Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OOOOOH MEAT! {winner gets something good}

pat la frieda & friend(s) are the meat guys behind the best burgers in the universe
{minetta tavern, the spotted pig, 5 napkin, shake shack, etc etc etc}
however, i'm most interested in the various facial expressions displayed in this picture.
does anybody else find this really really amusing?
like...what do you think they're thinking??

consider this a contest:

whoever can think up the best thought bubbles to go over these guys' heads wins.



p.s. a new la frieda burger is coming to town... and on the upper west side!


Josie said...

I don't think I could do it justice, honestly -- these faces are hilarious!
xo Josie

coooosh said...

Pat: "Our other son John? Uh...uh..he's a little...uh...tied up! Yeah, that's it! He's tied up...he uh..couldn't beef. Here. Today. Yeah yeah..he couldn't be here today...."

Dancing Branflake said...

"Wow, this lady keeps taking our picture. This is getting awkward because we don't even work here."

Okay, what did I win?

Brittany said...

From L to R..

1. Take the picture, and get oughta' here lady before you see what REALLY goes into this meat!

2. Nice to "Meat" you.. get it? Meat-Meet!! har! har!

3. would this be an awkward time to let everyone know I'm a vegetarian!?

Dree said...

Haha this picture is the best! My thought? They were sizing the photographer up, meat-wise, in various degrees of anticipation. "I bet his meat's reeeeal good. If we just got him now, we could make some burger patties outta him for the 4th of July..." Haha, totally random comment from a new follower. Honesty's good though, right? :)

Cole said...

haha so funny. For the guy on the right, you could say, “why is it the old guy always gets to be in the middle? I am the tallest. Whatever.” :)

ChristineMarie said...

Yeah I'm not creative enough to participate in the contest.

BUT I love your blog. Mostly because it's clever as hell, as well as the fact that it features FOOD.

Where in Holland are you going to study and when? We should be dining buddies I think.

Fleur-de-Lis said...

hey, cool blog ;)
thanks for your comment***

(i think their are desperate to eat that meat...)

Silver Strands said...

Haha, I've been reading over these comments and they are too funny!

Your blog is wonderful, it always puts a smile on my face.

miss velvet bow said...

I love your blog!!it's amazing! I follow you

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