Tuesday, June 29, 2010


once upon a time i dated this dude who lived in philly
and he lived across the street from this place called
which specialized in this stuff called water ice
water what?
water ice
{pronounced, "wuhter ice"}
it's a halfway point between a slushy and your average scoop of italian ice.
and it's addictive
so, too, is their frozen custard
whose sole purpose in life is to embellish the water ice,
creating what rita's calls a 
{unfortunate name, i know, but beggars can't be choosers-especially in this tasty case}
you know what they say about breakups:
the hardest part of breaking up is getting back your food
i know i did not literally leave a cup of water ice at old boyfriend's apartment.
but since rita's didn't exist on the island back then, i did have to bid farewell to weekly gelatis 
and i just wanted to reference that sweet 2gether song {r.i.p. q.t. mcknight} 

so imagine my excitement when manhattan's first rita's opened up right in my neighborhood!!! 
weeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy dance.

the best days are the days when they have pistachio water ice.
the second best days are when they have birthday cake water ice.
and the third best days are when they have strawby water ice {and i get chocolate frozen custard plopped on top!}

the rest of the days are pretty much the best too.
rita's just makes me so jolly.
i usually walk really really fast on the way there,
and then i have nice little stroll back to my apartment...
savoring the artificial flavor,
taking care to get the perfect ratio of custard and ice in each bite, 
and then drinking the part that has become too melty to scoop up at the end.
who needs those bougey ice cream sandwiches anyways??

rita's, i love you.



rita's in manhattan is on broadway and 92nd!


Brittany said...

I want to come visit, and you can take me on a 3 day food gorge.. and I will say who cares if I balloon up! At least I will be happy, and full.. Ohh and i'll make sure to purchase an extra seat on the way back. The trip wont be a success until I need both!


okay deal! mmkay!

Maki said...

Oh man, we had Rita until past summer by my house, but because of the bad economy, it closed:( My kids and I used to pedal and ate their ice... Oh I miss it so much...


Kaitlyn said...

I want one so bad! They sound amazing :).

Haha, I always leave your blog so hungry!

Josie said...

This is one of the more exciting things I've ever read. If only because the pictures were RIDICULOUSLY appetizing.
xo Josie

chelsea rebecca said...

i had a ritas near my college! it was wonderful and yet it took all my money...
your story about your ex reminds me of when carrie and big break up for the first time and she says how certain places are off limits. and yes, i've been watching too much sex and the city! haha!

Bu said...

Wash that down with a tasty cake and you'll have absorbed just about the best that Philly has to offer!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Next time I'm in Manhattan I am totally hitting up this place...awesome central. xo

Jess said...

Sounds interesting, but really yummy at the same time!

Dree said...

Oh my gosh, I love this post. I'm from the Philly area, but I live in Ireland, and wuhter ice and gelatis are nonexistent. Rita's was my life! Even the pronunciation is spot-on. I'd love a cherry water ice from Rita's right now... Enjoy the new Rita's!

Emma Jade said...

this place sounds amazing!!
Your blog makes me realise how much english restaurants suck!

Jess Craig said...

OH MY GOD! WE HAVE RITA'S AT HOME! not where i currently live though, boo. but yes! rita's is amazing and you posting this made me feel so sad!

stephchows said...

lol breaking up with old ex's food places is hard to do!! mmmm I'd be in trouble if that was in my neighborhood!

Tarver said...

I will definitely be checking that out the next time I'm in the city, it sounds delicious!

Maddy said...

We have a Rita's!!! hooray, something I can relate to! haha... i love their gelati, but only when they have chocolate/mint chocolate chip :)

Cole said...

If I ever come to your side of the world we must get together for lunch. :)

Cole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen said...

I've never heard of Rita's but after hearing you talk about it, I want one here!! Sounds so DEE-LISH-US!!

Raquel said...

I know right. So predictable! But, seriously, smelling like limoncello, cannoli's and caramel sounds too good to be true. Jasmine and patchouli? Psh, please!

Italian ice with custard on top? & they have PEEPS & Swedish Fish flavors? I'm so intrigued!

Becca said...

Sweets! Ahh, lovely.
You can feature sweet foods every post of every day, k? Yummy, yummy :)

city girl said...

These look awesome, I'm gonna have to try one! We still need a cit day miss, before the summer ends!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Those look sort of amazing.

Gina said...

Rita's custard is the best! i need to get me some

Jen@Twenty-Something and Starving said...

fyi - went to school outside of Philly in South Jersey... the accent... "whuter ice" ... makes me want to punch babies. stupid stupid stupid.

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