Sunday, June 13, 2010

week 23: fornino

i tried.
i really tried
to stay in that hot williamsburg bar
packed like a sardine
{a sweaty sardine}
standing on my tippy toes
to get a glimpse of the u.s. vs england world cup game...

but in the end
it was that empty, air-conditioned, talked-about pizza bar
that won the rights to my saturday afternoon.

{also, do you know how frustrating it is to start cheering for the team that just scored because half of the bar is cheering--only to find out that you are indeed cheering for the wrong team?}


it's fact that probably one of the best times to get into a restaurant that you've been wanting to try but that you haven't wanted to wait for is during some huge sports event.
which is reason why the italian gentlemen in the corner and the sad looking williamsburger waitresses were the only other people in the restaurant.
{as roars explode from the watering hole across bedford...}

i sat in comfort as i perused the menu.

too big and mushroom-filled.

so i got the margherita classica
{see blackberry picture above}

not that it didn't suck,
but i mean,
the last three pizzas in new york that i ate were from

{snob snob, i am a snob}

don't pounce on me 
-the flavors were gorgeous-

fresh basil grown in their garden
strong badass tomato sauce
and mozzarella that,while it did have the tendency to slide off all in one bite,was pretty darn good.

my beef was with the crust.
that, too, had a beautiful taste
but the texture just could not compete for its life with the other neapolitan pies in this citayy.

i appreciated the burnt-ness on the bottom,
but the dryness? 
no no.

either way,
i'm glad i discovered a new trick for getting into otherwise crowded restaurants:

talking about,
momofuku during the world series,
locanda verde during the super bowl?

...29 to go, sillies!

fornino is on bedford and north 7th in williamsburg, brooklyn


Dancing Branflake said...

It looks good but you are so right about crusts. Dryness is no bueno. I like it chewy with a little saltiness. I love your blog project and I love reading about it.

Emma Jade said...

obviously england is football (soccer) obsessed so it was difficult for me to get away from the most boring match ever.. no matter how hard i tried. Trust me you didnt miss a lot!
You know more about pizza than I ever knew was possible, i want to come to new york and follow you around restaurants :)

No, the custard factory doesnt actually make custard. I think it was the original factories for the Birds brand in the early 1900's. (not sure if you have birds in the usa)
Now there's lots of vintage shops and few art galleries, music shop, restaurants and a club. :) its my favourite place!

Rocker Chic said...

ha ha I cheer for the wrong team all the time :x) I love your blog btw :)

Kris said...

I'm a pizza snob too... in fact, I despise delivery from anywhere. I have to put it under the broiler for a few minutes and add fresh basil and parmesan and red pepper flakes for it to even be considered to get in my belly!

ALFIE said...

oh how i would have LOVED to be packed like a sardine at that bar watching the world cup :) but i don't blame you for hitting the road---i mean, a girl can only take so much. and pizza was calling! it looks delish!

so glad to find your blog---will be headed to nyc in the fall to visit a friend at columbia---so i'll have to keep track of all the yummy places you go :)

Donny said...

i didn't like fornino either. glad i'm not the only pizza snob. you're coming with me to paulie gee next time kiddo.

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