Wednesday, July 14, 2010

schnitzel month day 1

chicken schnitzel sandwich
spicy mayo

holy poopcakes.
i had forgotten how good this is.
the schnitzel from the schnitzel & things truck is some of the best in the city,
and i'm really happy i was reminded of that today because
this month would be lame-o.

i see more sandwiches than platters coming my way in the next few weeks...
i just don't see how i will be able to get over this ciabatta bread!
it's so soft ,
and a little bit sweet.
i see it wanting to be a donut.


i've been pondering what i should eat when i'm not eating my daily schnitzel,
and i think it should be one of two things:

1. nothing
2. vegetables

i think i'm going to need to limit myself on the mayo
because if i'm actually going to try to not let myself go completely:
{fried things + mayo things}x 30 < {fried things + all other condiments}x 30  

then again
if i'm going for tasties:
{fried things + mayo things}x 30 > {fried things + all other condiments}x 30 

when i finished my sammich today,
the only thing i could think about was
what am i getting tomorrow?! 




coooosh said...

This is the best and most delicious thing I have read all week.

Dancing Branflake said...

Oh, I am going to LOVE this month! Woohoo!

Ashley said...

spicy mayo=awesome...

that sandwich looks really ridiculously yummy.

I wish I would have went to the Schnitzel & things truck while in NYC. Next time!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

drooling over here right now....!

Sara said...

Dude, I say live it up! Go for fried EVERYTHING! You'll never (most likely) get another free schnitzel month in your life. GO FOR THE GOLD! BE A SCHNITZEL CHAMPION!!

Katy Mary said...

That looks so good!!

Julia said...

you may have told us this already, but where in the city can i find this shnitzel? you're making me want to go on a journey for it.

Meghan said...

Have you ever been to the Glunz Bavarian Haus in Chicago? Next time you're home - GO! It's amazing!

Bu said...

I didn't fully realize that one of the best months of your life would translate to being such a great month for those of us that follow you!!

This will be fantastic! Nice work on day 1!!

city girl said...

I still think it's the funniest thing that you won. Enjoy Schnitzel month!

Jasara said...

I have missed your blog! and I see its still amazingly droolicious!!!
Free Schnitzel for a month?! I couldnt imagine a more perfect person to win that!

Becca said...

Ha! (thats all I really say on your blog,'re just funny I guess) What exactly is schnitzel, anyway?

Alicia said...

ok seriously lady...i'm DYING over here. i'm practically licking the monitor this food looks so dang good! and since i'm allergic to everything delicious this is like food porn, i swear it! food, mustache, and a love of cheese....lady, we are going to get along famously!!

Abby said...

So exciting! Well, you're a music student. You need it. (What instrument, btw?)

Marlena said...

hahah you're the only person i know that would actually look up "shnitzel" on twitter. if that's the case, then i would totally look up bacon burgers- they're my life.

ps that looks YUMMY, im slightly jealous over here. slightly.

Kerri said...

i think it's a little mean of you to put the pic of the sandwich RIGHT in my face, but yet i'm unable to take a bite of it. it looks so good and i am waiting on my dinner in the oven right now so i'm hungry.

how do you say your name? is like yeah, or yay?

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