Thursday, July 15, 2010

week 28: zigolinis pizza bar

i have to keep up with restaurant challenge during my schnitzel month?
apparently so, say's my boss {me}

i'm really going gaga over this napoletana pizza business. 
it's making me obsessive.
i need to try all of them.
and then i want to somehow assemble a meal with one pizza from each of the top contenders and judge which one is the best.
but if my food memory serves me correctly,

has the best crust. 

it's the first crust on a napoletana pie where the middle wasn't soggy
{i was beginning to accept that as a casualty, you know, like separated mustard goo}

it's like pillsbury doughboy all up in that shit,
that's how doughy it is.

the first time i went
-i went two times in a week-
i ordered the margherita
which was like dough-overload.
i was all
where's the rest of the cheese, luigi? 
{yes, the pizza dude's name is luigi and he a-comes from a-italia}

lesson learned,
i returned and got 
with mozzarella
can i have tomaters on that?

much better balance of dough to friends
and luigi yelled at me when i tried to put parmesan on it.
like, what?
 is pesto + parmesan faux pas or something?

it was delicious and i gobbled it up and didn't have any room for dessert but got it anyways
get this:
nutella pizza
same doughboy crust,

sugar overload.
i coulda done without the marshmallows and more nutella.
in life,
there's never enough nutella.

if there's a better napoletana crust out there,
i'm going to find it.
but i think it's going to be pretttty difficult.

till then,
i'll just eat a schnitzel.

...24 mi amores!



zigolinis pizza bar is at 46th and 9th


Raquel said...

If God loves me I'll be trying Keste out next week. & Levain & Taim. & some other places I won't mention because they'll probably be wack because I didn't pick them! I'm a restaurant snob like that but shh.

You're right about nutella. What's up with people being stingy with it? Everytime I ask for A LOT OF NUTELLA PLEEEEASE, I still end up getting shafted. I understand it's expensive but I'm willing to pay. You can't put a price on delicious hazelnut spread!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

"i was all
where's the rest of the cheese, luigi?" I hear ya!

coooosh said...

Pesto=Parmesan (and some basil, and a little other stuff of course). Saying "No more Parmesan on your Pesto!" is like saying "No more Nutella, on your Nutella." Wierd....But they all sound very delicious, and Luigi seems like a sweetie....

Becca said...

Whoa did you really just post that while I'm sitting here eating my carrots? I feel like...making pizza for third breakfast, right now.

Regan said...

Just found your blog. Its gorgeous!! Yummm that pizza looks amazing. :) xoxo

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

what is lovely about nutella pizza is that my husband is allergic to hazelnuts so MORE FOR ME!

happy friday. hope you have a great weekend here in the city.

city girl said...

I LOVE nutella pizza! They sell it at a few pizza places around here, but without the marshmallows which is good since they're not vegetarian anyway. The pizza looks so good!

What About Lunch said...

You crack me up!
I busted up at my desk about the phillsbury doughboy.
I have been on a pizza craze lately.

Brittany said...

you had me (peeing) at:

it's like pillsbury doughboy all up in that shit,

Just sayin!

more drool ova here! pizzaaaa!

OneCraftyFox said...

You can never have too much nutella!!

Have an awesome weekend :)

Dree said...

Haha I totally agree- you can never have enough cheese. And Nutella is incredible, especially when it's heated in the microwave. Your pictures are ridiculously awesome, I feel like I'm eating with you. YUM.

Kerri said...

omg- YUM. what a fantastic project you have taken on!

Meghan said...

Nutella pizza? You have GOT to be kidding me. They think of everything these days!

Glunz Bavarian Haus is in Lincoln Square. Come to the Chi and we'll go!

{ Thy Lady } said...

Such yummy food! Mmm i loooove that pizza! xx

Claire Kiefer said...

OMG! Nutella pizza! Pretty sure that's the food of the gods. Where oh where do you live? I need to know so I can hunt down this restaurant asap! Also, lately I'm totally obsessed with the margherita pizza at this place near my house, Pizzaiolo. It's ridiculous good (the restaurant buys ALL local ingredients). In fact, I might have to get one tomorrow. The obsession runs deep.

Lisa Lisa Lisa said...

This. Looks. Amazing. I love good pizza. Not just love, I LUST for good pizza.

I used to work in a pizza place and we had a dessert pizza that had normal crust, peanut butter, normal cheese, and chocolate chips. It sounds horrible, but it was so DELICOUS!!

Gina said...

that pizza looks sooo good & ya know what? i've never had nutella!!! (i know) so what kinda mustard do you like? i like spicy :) <3 Gina

Anonymous said...

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