Tuesday, August 3, 2010

week 31: momofuku {noodle bar and milk bar}

i am going to say it.
i think. 
i think i can i think i can.
ok here i go:

 baohaus baos are better
and i think i prefer top ramen ramen.

don't h8.
i enjoyed my
experience a lot!
i really did!
i even brought my childhood friend michael
{who met snooki that day, for what it's worth}
i simply found more tasties and amusement in the other little snackees that weren't front row and center...
like the boozey slushies!!
in limeade {yum!}
arnie palmer {yum!}
lychee {as yum as lychee gets!}

and this...
an egg

fact: hard-boiled eggs are the best way to lose friends in the elementary school cafeteria.

until i got real and discovered bosco sticks,
i was on the constant hunt for ways to secretly enjoy my beloved lunchtime egg while hiding that repulsive eggy smell from my little friends.
{in a true fatty fashion, the egg won, and i was soon left alone}

...and how ironic it is that years later i found myself at a communal table faced with:
an egg
and michael's roommate who also does not like the egg. 
only this time, 
instead of being the weird egg girl,
i was the empowered omniscient guru 
because i ordered
the soy sauce egg
it's more a medium-boiled egg
with soy sauce
and scallions
and crunchies!

the eggy smell was masked.
and the taste was good...so good...
it was good enough to convert both michael and his roommate.
it was so simple and salty. just what an egg needs. how nice of the crunch to join us.
i'll take a dozen.
ok let me explain my doodle preference.
i got the 
momofuku ramen
 lotsa meat, an egg, seaweed and what would ultimately be extracted and handed over to michael: mushrooms and fishcakes {ew}

 and michael and his roomie both got
chilled spicy doodles
cold doodles with spinach, sausage, and 
nuts like those nuts you get from the nuts 4 nuts street stands
{and i kept stealing michael's nuts cause they were so good}

they were both very tasty & flavaful
and i've got lotsa 'spect for meester chang
{have you read his story in the momofuku book? you should, it's fascinating}
it's just that...
i'm a mushy noodle kind of girl 
and these bougey ramen places ain't gonna boil the living daylights outta their noodles. 
as they shouldn't. but it's just not in my style these days.
what is japanese for "al dente" anyways? 

 michael had sodium overload.  
he vetoed milk bar.
so i rode home on the molly mobile and went to sleep
and had a dream that we actually went to milk bar
and i had a crack pie.  
and do you want to know something so trippy?
the very next day, by chance, i happened upon milk bar
and got a 
crack pie.
and it was the same crack pie that was in my dream!
and, with the exception of the name, i had no prior knowledge of crack pie! 
it's more like a thick half-baked chewy cookie
and it kind of reminded me of a seven layer bar.
it was so rich and gooey and sugary!!!
it really was like crack!!
i also got a compost cookie, or whatevs.
and a sample of cereal milk ice cream {cool idea. but i forgot that i never liked the leftover milk from cereal. in fact, i never really liked cereal. it's what you eat with the babysitter.}
and barbecue ice cream never again.

i had so much fun on my momofuku days!
i really like the silly ideas that the momofuku people think up...
and even though the pork buns weren't as life-changing as i expected,
i was satisfied with my meal.

it's a fun time.
 it's worth the wait.
now i just have to figure out that goofy ko reservation system...

it's ok, i've got 21 weeks to learn...
noodle bar is on 11th and 1st
milk bar is on 13th and 2nd {next to ssam bar... and no, we did not stand outside of ssam bar for twenty minutes wondering why it didn't look like a milk bar until we found the real milk bar}


Gina said...

i want to eat that crack pie right off the screen!!

& the egg looks pretty yummy too, i've never minded the stinky egg smell :)

Sara said...

Send me some of that crack pie, pronto.


Meghan said...

Umm, crack pie??? Love the name AND the look!

And we totally sell bosco sticks at my school. The kids usually have contests on Thursdays to see who can eat the most. It usually ends in a trip to the nurse's office...

Brittany said...

Between the pictures and the smell of bacon that has filled my house my stomach is doing back flips!


p.s. Snooki?! I think i'm going to be her for halloween! lmao! I think it will be terribly hilarious.. but i'll have to go to the spray tanning both like three times before hand! lmao!

Maddy said...

barbecue ice cream? icky. that ramen looks yummyyy

Brandi said...

You're in NYC? I have a friend who works at Momofuku. The same friend recommended Milk Bar to me. I have to take a trip in and visit these places. Especially after seeing your photographs.

illi and such said...

I thought momofuku was ok. Have you ever heard of Ippudo?? Their pork buns and ramen are better there!!

Dancing Branflake said...

I loved some of what I ate at Momofuku and hated the rest. Weird, huh?
I love Milk Bar. Their cookies are divine and I loved trying the cereal milk but would not actually order an entire cup of it.

Chris said...

grrl no one's gonna be madatcha for hating on things that suck, and chrissake, momofuku's ramen SUCKS. So tell it how it is.

firepages said...

Crack pie! Lol. I don't know how you ate all those things. You are much braver than I. I wonder if you smell your food (like I do) before you eat it?

Raquel said...

Arnold Palmer slushie?! Hell yeah!

Lol to your egg story. My mom would make me a milk/orange juice concoction in elementary school (it's a Dominican thing) that would cause kids to give me strange looks. You're probably making a face right now and you better stop. It's so good. I swear. Anyway, I finally had to have a talk with my mom and let her know she was ruining my rep.

Crunchy egg looks phenom. You go girl.

I had the crack pie from Momofuku a while ago and it tasted like straight butter yet so good! I love the crack like powdered sugar on top.

& I loved loved loved Georgetown. I want to live there...for a year and no longer than that lol. The areas around the White House and The Capitol are also way cutes.

As for the roquefort cheese, hmmm, it has the texture of goat cheese but it's way more pungent and tangy in a not so nice way. I could handle it in small amounts but some bites of my burger had too much and yes, vomilicious. I do hope you enjoy it though. Lol.

Sorry for the essay!

MollieinSeattle said...

OMG all of that looks insanely amazing! Is it horrible that I'm jealous your friend met Snooki?! No fair.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I'll have me some of the "how nice of the crunch to join us" egg, please. And, perhaps, a bite of crack pie.

Your blog is the BEST.


OneCraftyFox said...

Girl, I like the way you eat. lol!

christine said...

I think I should not be visiting you blog when hungry. Seriously, your food porn pics are the BEST.

Katy Mary said...

barbecue ice cream? um, ew no thanks haha. The cookies look DELISH. Not sure if the noodles are my cup 'o tea though.

Julia said...

you are absolutely hilarious, i loved that little anecdote about smelly eggs during childhood! it's so true. i was probably the smelly egg eater, too.

i've been wanting to go to these places for a while now, i just haven't gotten the chance quite yet! thanks for giving the play-by-play so i know what to expect.

DT ~ RDH said...

I have always eaten my boiled eggs w/black pepper and (shoyu) soy sauce. perfect with bacon! Havent tried anything else on top but this might inspire me to do so!

Evie said...

Ha! I love this post! Hard boiled eggs ARE hard to eat socially...except maybe when deviled? But seriously...what the hell is a milk bar?!

Becca said...

the weird egg girl?!?
ha ha ha ha
what in the world does that even mean??
ha ha ha love you molly


rachel! said...

ohhh, i love when you dream about the future. it's the best!! ahh, sounds like you have fun. michael looks fun and he sounds like a good friend, haha.

chelsea rebecca said...

seriously thats some insanity deliciousness right there. and that ginormous cookie! me oh my!!! YUM@

Stephanie said...


Indie.Tea said...

I've heard of Momofuku's crack pie...and I am sooo jealous of you (and everyone else) who has access to it! The food looks amazing.

Kristin said...

The slushies looks sooo good! And the noodle dishes, can I have some?? xoxo

Jason (These Roving Eyes) said...

Your childhood friend Michael is adorable.

Rachel said...

momofuku looks more than fabulous, i am dying to eat there!

Des said...

this looks so good. especially the desserts.

Regan said...

your childhood friend Michael looks like he gained a few chins while dining with you...

see you Sepember 19th!


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