Friday, September 3, 2010

week 35: girl & the goat

the best thing about having a sister that works at the most happening new restaurant in town is that, 
girrrrrrrl, we be hooked up!
the worst thing is how mortified sister would be if i dare bring the picture taker into her workspace.
but the best thing abut that is i get to practice my drawring skillz!!
and look at how great i look in drawring world!
so a few days ago the whole family piled into the buggy and went on the expressway and went to the downtown chicago and ate at
brought to you by top chef winner extraordinaire stephanie izard!
mum and i prepped ourselves emotionally about eating goat because i don't know about you, but eating goats just doesn't seem like the ideal sunday evening activity and it reminded me about my old friend pepper who is a goat.
but really, a lot of the dishes were non-goat! yay, non-goat! there were a lot of piggies and fishies... 
and here are a few of my faves:
from top to bottom:
chickpea fritters
with tomaters + fresh mozzarella 
pork liver mousse 
with pickles, apple mustarda {apples with mustard seeds! dainty}, and hot and buttery crumpets! 
oh nothing tickles me more than a good crumpet.
pig face!
with eggies and potato stix and a sweet syrupy sauce. 
it wasn't actually in the shape of a face {so you couldn't, like, make it's acquaintance or anything} so this picture is less accurate than the others.... it was basically a brown patty of what tasted like a lighter and airier bacon. 
and all of the components together worked it breakfast-style.
the only goat meat i ate was on the smoked goat pizza.
and it's a good thing, because it was hiding under all of the other toppings {ricotta and apples and stuff}
so i didn't have a chance to get scared and i just put it in my mouth like it ain't no thang. 
my fammy got all four of the desserts...
they weren't as photo-er-picturegenic:
 from top to bottom:
tater donuts with eggplant
fudgesicles with olive oil gelato in a swimmy pool of beer!!!
olive oil gelato tasty pants hallelujah 
nougat with corn and bacon
ahhhhhh charleston chew took a poo!!!!!!!!
berry cake with goat cheese frosting
"hey you know that disgusting animal you'd never eat? check out what we did with some of its breast milk!"
not that this says anything about the cake, because i'm not offended by goat cheese, but jim gaffigan tweeted that just days before i came here and it made me giggle. 
this is stephanie and a goat or a unicorn and the sun!
you might not be able to get a reservation here for like years but you should try anyways.
they even have their own special wine... and a stoopie!

mmmmaaaaaa said the goat: 17 restaurants left!



girl & the goat is on randolph street in chicago


jewel said...

your blog is so adorable, i love the little drawings! and my sister works at pizza hut... less interesting, i suppose, but it's free pizza and ice cream :)
x x x

elephantJuice said...

haha, this is amazing! love it :)

Gali said...

This is made of so much win it almost hurts!

Jody said...

You are insane!!!!!! (in a good way (((-:)

christine said...

Haha, who needs a camera!! Love the goat unicorn :)

jamie-lee said...

cute drawings! lucky that you get hooked up when you gp there for dinner x

kid. said...

brilliant artistry ;)

i wish i could get the hook up to this place. i work on randolph :(

daisychain said...

drawings = epic win

Barbara said...

ahahaha you made me smile :)

elle said...

Oh my gosh, you're adorable. I'm off to the Virgin Olive Market for brunch...check it out! You would love it.

Becca said...

How cute are you!?! Ha ha ha Molly you never cease to make me laugh

P o o p e r said...

Your doodles are awesome! Too cute and funny. :3

JULIA said...

This really made me smile!

Kimbirdy said...

oh my gosh! this is the most awesome post ever! :)

ALFIE said...

you are correct when you say that it's a bit intimidating to think about eating goat. how about i settle for my fav:: goat cheese and fig jam crepes?

v a m p i r e said...

hahaha this makes me laugh , its so cute

the last photo the unicorn look like cookies to me lol with a horn

Meghan said...

These drawings are out of this world! You are way too cute. You have also increased my excitement for my upcoming reservation!

la petite coquine said...

This was too charming! The restaurant looks delicious-too bad SF is so far from Chicago!

Cat* said...

Wow what a fun post! I love it!!!! :)

Anonymous said... the drawings...eating goat? no!

Life As I Show It said...

If school doesn't work out you can always fall back on being an illustrator. LOL! Cute drawings!

Life As I Show It said...

If school doesn't work out you can always fall back on being an illustrator. LOL! Cute drawings!

Raquel said...

LOL!! These are hilariooous. You need to tell me where you got those hot purple heels.

& the last one with your sister holding the knife is pure awesomeness.

Holly Knitlightly said...

Hahahaha I think I enjoyed these drawings even more!! Love it & love you!

Amy said...

Totally loling @ "This is her goat unicorn".. Loved the pictures!!! :)

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