Friday, October 8, 2010

week 40: terroir

an amazing meal in this city is easy to find. i can walk out my front door, spit, and trust that my spit will land on multiple good food places.
an amazing experience is a little more high maintenance. it takes super silly people, endless good conversation, magic, glitter, a crap ton of tasties, 
and gallons of riesling. 
good thing my night at terroir had all of that.
my dates consisted of oleg, hannah {you know them from here}, donny, and mister culverlake
and we're all friends because of schnitzel. it's like a schnitzel fan club. or mafia. or support group.
but apparently if you're out with the schnitzel truck man, it's faux pas to order schnitzel. 
so i held my tongue and we got the selection on the menu that said something to the effect of
if you don't like looking at menus,
sit your tookus down and we'll bring you whatever we want to bring you. 
best decision ever. 
 for hours we sat, sipping wine, talking about cheese and paris and other awesome things, 
and every so often a new little plate would come strolling out, begging to be destroyed.
beet risotto balls flew through the air, bone marrow bruschetta globbed across the table, 
and at one point, without even thinking about it, i ate a mushroom sandwich. {i was just having such a good time and all of a sudden a mushroom was in my mouth, and i noticed it, but i somehow didn't care i just kept eating it...and i survived, miraculously.}
we also got chicken liver and crispy duck salad and lamb sausages and dandelion greens and a reuben!
yep, i think we actually tried just about everything on the menu except for the schnitzel. awkward.
 it was delicious. everything had gobs of flavor! my favorites were the bright red risotto balls and the duck salad and the chicken liver. 
really. four of my new favorite people + risotto balls...under one roof?? i was certainly a happy molly.
cruising through manhattan afterwards, listening to la roux... that made a happy molly too. 
go to terroir. wear your eating pants, don't ride your bike there, and bring a lot of {cool} people so that you can try everything. it will be a jolly time.

...oh my...i've got12 restaurants to go.



terroir {terr-warr} is on harrison and greenwich in tribeca. there's another one on east 12th... but tribeca is so gosh darn pretty!


Kenza Salem said...

you always have the best pictures!!

Dancing Branflake said...

These photos are amazing! You have such a great eye! And I so want to be at that restaurant right now.

Jody said...

What a lovely perfect evening. I wish I could have been there!

Dree said...

I love the way that you wrote this post. It sounds like you had an incredible time - and way to go for eating the mushroom sandwich!

Becca said...

Thanks for helping with the pronunciation, Mol!

la petite coquine said...

Risotto balls-how heavenly! Sounds like a divine evening.

Helen said...

Good to know the correct way to pronounce Terrior! I've been saying it wrong the whole time. The one in the east village has been on my "must try" list for so long. I need to give it a try, especially after reading your post!

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