Tuesday, November 30, 2010

the chrismikah list.

dear hannukah harry,
i know this is kind of late and all, with the eight days starting tomorrow,
but maybe you can talk to santy claus and work something out for christmas?
i've been good, i prom.
ok here's what i want:

1. to be able to eat corn on the cob without anything getting stuck in my teeth
2. more main streets, more downward hills, more bike paths... the molly mobile would lurve you
3. for my entire family to be uprooted and placed in a cute little suburb, just outside of new york {new jersey is ok, i guess... but maybe we can discuss westchester? just let them be close, please!}
4. the essential accoutrements for the molly mobile. because i've been riding this whole entire time without tassles and a wicker basket. blasphemy, i know.
5. el bulli
6. a news site that will deliver just the facts and all the facts. 
so that i can really know what animal parts are going in my hot dogs...
7. world peas and happy potatoes! 

ok, hh, you down with that?



Sunday, November 28, 2010

week 47: ceviche

i'm sick of writing about restaurants. 
maybe it's a phase, maybe i'm having doubts about my final five, but right now at this very moment, i am dunzo.
i mean, it goes without saying that food is awesome and restaurants, too, are awesome.
but when i went to 
last week with the tampa contingency of my extended family,
i didn't want to think about what i was eating, i didn't want to compare it to other stuff, or be the dufus that doesn't let anyone eat until everything has been photographed,
i just wanted to make silly faces at little mia. and talk about my uncanny desire for a faux fur vest with mum. 
so i think i'll just say this about the restaurant, and then talk about how awesome my family is. 
this: ceviche, in tampa, has delicious tapas food and even deliciouser sangria.
 it is absolutely worth going to, should you ever find yourself in tampa {and you've already been to bern's.}

this is a picture of me and stoopie with our cousin jamie and her two kids, mia and ellie.
i used to think little kids were the devil and that they didn't become real people until they somehow caught up to my age. but then mia and ellie started walking and talking and they never became the devil. instead they just gave me great big hugs and showed me how awesome little buddies are. it's like someone threw them in the cool pool. sweet! 
last year i taught mia some of my tambourine excerpts. it eased the pain of having to practice tambourine excerpts over thanksgiving. 
and this year ellie proved to us that she is the next anna-sophie mutter.
this is more of my pretty family!
we have a thing for circle scarves, apparently. 
it's a pretty american family. the day after thanksgiving usually involves the men watching football and the women going to the mall. and then at night we all go to the center of town for the christmas tree lighting ceremony...even though this perplexes ellie on account of, we're jewish.
but, anywho, we've got a baseball card shop, a photographer, and the designer bra strap company in our family. 
incredible, i know!
we also enjoy tres leches and crème brûlée. 

ok. sorry for restaurant challenge post that wasn't about food. 
let's hope this is the kick in my rear that i need before i can really grab my final 5 restaurants by the privates. 



ceviche is in tampa. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

essential thanksgiving ingredients

...besides the bird...
{a day of whisking, chopping, and brussel sprouting}
 {some taters with those marshmallows?}
 {dudes that carve turkey and talk about football and fart}
{the best and tastiest way to eat turkey+gravy+cranberriez+stuffin... in sandwich form!}
 {equal-opportunity pie}
{cousins that deliver sweet tunes and levain cookies}
 {and a really reeeeally goofy family}

good luck delivering birth to all of your food babies!!



Wednesday, November 24, 2010


on a scale from 1-10, 1 being
you are a fatty and a biatch
and 10 being
you are not a biatch but you are still a fatty,
is it really so terrible that i went to philly to watch my people run the marathon but spent the entire time that i wasn't cowbelling and cheering accomplishing a mildly respectable food tour?
is a 5.5 fair?
i began at the amazeballness that is reading terminal market, where i:
-feared for my poor teeths enamels and ate a sticky bun that was like soft doughy and delicious on the inside 
and chewy making my mouth work caramel-y sticky-y on the outside. 
-gazed at all of the little jars of jams and butters and hot sauces and mustards! but instead of buying a mustard {i had an intervention with myself about mustard. there are too many in my fridge that i'm neglecting}, i got a little punkin butter!
-ate a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie from the 4th street cookie company
-experienced the delilah's mac and cheese. it was the closest i've ever felt to my arteries clogging, and i don't know if  i'd ever forgive myself for eating it again, so i'm just going to have to mark this moment in history. the taste of the cream seemed to overpower the taste of the cheese, which is why i think it tasted so unique. but, what the hell do i know. it was seriously good. and maybe i should have run the marathon too.
 and then di bruno brothers happened.
and it was the least stressful cheese counter experience i've had in a while.
not that i don't love fairway and zabar's with all of my heart. but the problem is that just about everyone else in manhattan does too. and sometimes that make me verklempt.
i tasted cinnamon cheese. 
cinnamon without sugar is weird, but on creamy smelly cheese it was a whole new sperience! go figure... 
also there was a gigantor block of halvah hangin out for people to taste. 
di bruno brothers is like if zabar's went on a yoga retreat. kind of.
and then i visited a wawa... i had to...it would have been like taking a road trip and not stopping at the cracker barrel.
yay! josh and jen run the marathon!!!
they were so wonderful!! i arrived at the finish line just in time to see josh shatter his personal record. 
and then we went to go cheer on jen along the skoooookil as she finished her first marathon!! it was awesome.
 they got medals and those sweet tin foil capes!
i don't know how people do it. i can barely run a mile*
but i am so so proud of them!!
*maybe this should morph into a fitness blog...
while jen was running, i did what i do best:
play cowbell and eat soft pretzels!
if anyone can give me a history lesson about why philly pretzels look, umm, vertically challenged, i would be really appreciative. 
and then as a celebration, josh and i went to a street stand and got
philly cheesesteaks!
i am no virge to the cheesesteak. but i just had to enjoy one in philly, especially since the best way to get a good cheesesteak in new york is to go to penn station to catch an amtrak to philly, apparently. i hadn't any time to go to the places with all the hype, but my street stand cheesesteak hit the spot as much as cheesesteaks do!

...and with that, training for philly marathon 2014 begins... tomorrow. or the day after.



shameless loves, by katie

things that {my high school friend!!} katie loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

running after the bus in full sprint
eating artificial cheese: cheez-its, canned cheese dip, cheese powder on popcorn, cheese chips, mac and cheese
meats wrapped in bacon (especially if it has some cheese in there too)
adding gossip girl to the dvr of the family i nanny for
making a family-size casserole and eating half of it alone while watching disney movies
wearing leggings as pants (horribly shameful but it 
is november)
not showering and wearing my "man-friend's" clothes to class because all mine are dirty- then being called out for it by my professor
paying for things in change

things wrapped in bacon? yep... i think that wins.
thank you, my katie!!!
and a very happy no shame november to you!


Monday, November 22, 2010

happy half-birthday to me!

i celebrated yesterday with one of those philly pretzels that only look like half a pretzel.
and today i'll be soliciting half-shots, half-hugs, and birthday songs harmonized only by half-diminished chords. 
also, i just half-wished i'd be put on the blagojevich jury in january. 



Saturday, November 20, 2010

week 46: dbgb

there was a month of my life during high school when my schedule was this:
8am-3pm: go to school
3pm-10pm: sit in my backyard around a fire with my two friends {regan and michael}, roasting wieners.
that era became known as the wiener era. and it was one of those most hilarious months of my life.
i mean, imagine a couple kids sitting in broad daylight, eating hot dogs and other roastable stuff, and talking about juicy couture. 
we developed some pretty mean recipes over that month, including the kwinkie:
a marshmallow wrapped in crescent dough, set on fire, and then dipped in mustard. and then topped with a hot dog.
eventually we got real and realized that hot dogs wouldn't get us into college, so we stopped. 
but forever remains the fond memories of the wiener era.
circa may 2006, michael & michael eat weenies. 

when michael moved to the Big City this year, the decision was made:
for the bougiest, most expensive, most done up hot dogs we could get our furry manhattanized paws on.
we are way too sophisticated for best kosher now. and cooked over a fire? puhlease.
it was the symbolism to end all cymbalism. look at how successful we are he is. 
we're going to buy nice hot dogs now.

...ones that use azny spices and come with a cylinder of flied lice with a quail egg on top
and that taste like those little sausagey bits you get in those sticky rice bowls at dim sum
...ones that are supposed to be a dressed up version of a new york hot dog 
but really end up making you miss chicago dogs {and george gershwin and gracie}
...ones that are accompanied by truffles but need pancakes.
...and ones that explode with glee and emmenthaler
it was the fanciest sausage fest evr. it came on a bed.
but someone ended up ordering a burger too and that somehow won my heart.
and then the fries won even more.
lots of me felt a little weird eating hot dogs with michael indoors and with garnishes.
but it had to happen sometime...

six more.



dbgb is on houston and bowery

Thursday, November 18, 2010


today is stoopie's 25th birthday!! 
i can't even believe it. 
it seems like it was only three months ago that she was sticking things in her nose and then telling me to eat them.
{oh yeah! it was!}
stoopie is the silliest human bean i know. 
she once ate an entire stick of butter after drinking an entire bottle of cough syrup, 
and then another time she came home with real tattoos all over her back.
she also used to be a vegan... until tout à coup she had a craving for duck. 
and that was right around the time that all of her hair was formed into one massive dreadlock.
when i need a dose of silly, i look to stoopie. 
happy birthday, stoop! 
you smell like a monkey!



*stoop {stoopie} is the nickname that i gave my sister after she gave it to me. she is stoop. i, too, am stoop. i know. it works if she and i are the only ones who actually call each other that.
 stoop's had her fair share of manfriends that have tried calling me stoop, but then stoop and i didn't know who they were referring to so she had to kick them to the curb.
 the name came about circa 2001 after a series of other nicknames, including "ugly macdougal," "gertrude," and "hey in like flint, that's my favorite movie!"
"stoop" just stuck. i don't think it stemmed from "stupid." if anything, it came from front stoops. we like sittin on stoops. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

shameless loves, by ashley

things that ashley loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

not exercising...
not shaving legs
listening to christmas music
eating a crap load of sweet potatoes
reality tv!!
hefeweizen beer
snuggling with my snuggie
country music
farting (i mean... girls don't fart) more than my boyfriend
ice cream, frozen yogurt, and mcdonalds soft serve!
compulsively checking facebook

hehe... she's right. girls don't fart... i think :-)
thank you, miss ashley!!
and a very happy no shame november to you!



Monday, November 15, 2010

meditations on baloney

before there was schnitzel, there was baloney.
 lunch dates with mum were a baloney sandwich and matzoh ball soup at the deli, my go-to lunchable was the baloney one, and i even once dressed up in a pig costume, put my stuffed cow on a leash, and sang the wiener song in front of the wiener mobile to audition for the oscar meyer commercial. 
it's true: baloney wins hard. it is the teddy bear of comfort food. 
the thing is, it's kind of embarrassing because when somebody makes fun of you for eating all of those animal byproducts ground up and then formed into a perfect cylinder, 
you have no defense because they're absolutely right. 
well, i guess the only defense is YEAH, BUT IT TASTES AWESOME. 
and also,
is anyone else uncomfortable spelling out b-o-l-o-g-n-a and pronouncing "baloney?"
it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. (no offense, bologna-eaters, you are still one of us). 
oh baloney, you have such a hard life.
anyways, on schedule with no-shame november, i stumbled across seersucker in carroll gardens
which has a fried baloney sandwich ON THEIR ADULT MENU.
like, just chillen there, as if it belonged there. 
it was such an emotional experience, seeing my childhood on the little menu hanging in the window.
i wiped my tears, went in, and ordered me one baloney sandwich please and ate it and there was dijon mustards on it! and it was on an english muffin and it was greasy and soft and salty and baloney-y and... oh i'm choking up.
baloney, i love you. you are amazing and beautiful in your own way.
don't worry about organic free-range sustainable vegan chickens taking over the world,
 it is only a matter of time before everyone else realizes that they need not be embarrassed anymore. 
baloney-loving is something to be proud of...right? who is with me? anyone?



Friday, November 12, 2010

week 45: blue smoke

i hadn't the slightest idea that barbecue was such a gaga-inducer until i came to new york and met a ton of texas people.
it is like global guts up in here about who has the best barbecue.
my first exposure was at the beginning of my freshman year when i quickly learned that the percussion studio boys will only spend money on food stand and food that comes in enormous quantities. and the only place uptown that would fulfill the latter and that was good for a post-mock audition eat-fest was dinosaur barbecue up in harlem. 
which was sometimes not ok because above 125th street gives me the heebiejeebies. at least it used to.
whatever. the point is, this week was my friend maria's 21st birthday {she's the one in the top picture that looks a bit constipated about all of the ribs in front of her} and she chose to celebrate at 
because people says it's good barbecues. and because it was sure to accommodate our male friends with the bulk food requirements.
this is a picture of charlie+pulled pork:
and plep+jia+a burger:
 peter+one from his rib variety pack:
me+mac and cheese:
and it was a real good time because maria's our girl and also because she started celebrating her 21st at about 9am.
but then as i was digging into my kc ribs, peter started speculating about his meat, a la,
"i wonder why the texas ribs are so much bigger? you think they let the animal grow more before they slaughter it? also, how many dead animals do you think are at this table right now? well, molly, you've easily got a full one in front of you..."
nuh uh.
molly can't talk about meat while she's eating meat.
it's just one of those things.
it evoked an amplified version of the little hippie inside of me saying "don't eat dead! don't eat dead!"
but in his defense,
there was so much meat.
and this coming from the girl that once ate schnitzel every day for a month.
i enjoyed my ribs, but also couldn't completely handle the whole eating-off-the-bone-am-i-wilma-flintstone thing.
it's ok. i sought solace in the mac and cheese, which, although bread crumbless, was tangy and good. especially with texas pete's hot sauce squirted alllll over.
 it was a meat explosion. 
and then the cake came out. 
and maria wished she got a momofuku crack pie for her birthday! 
and then she did cause i gave her one.
i wished {wait, can i wish even though it's not my birthday?} that my upbringing had given me a broader knowledge of barbecue. 
but then the wish gods said, "well it's either that or deep dish pizza." 
and i said, "ok never mind."



blue smoke is on 27th between park and lex. and it is connected to the jazz standard, in case you're itching for some jazz with your bbq.

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