Monday, November 8, 2010

liars, cheaters, and identity crises pastries

{things i ate this weekend}

 my phở virginity was stolen
almost beyond my will,
because at the top of its lungs, the world yelled soup weather
and since i wanted a sandwich, i tried to plug my ears. but it was too loud.
so there it was, my first phở...with uncomfortably confusing condiments and boring rice doodles.
 it was fine. but i was expecting my mind to be blown, a la my first bánh mì experience, and it was not.
i thought  phở was supposed to be life-changing, people! need i try it again at a better place?
 i ate a schnitzel. that was not from the schnitzel truck.
it felt naughty that i wasn't in midtown,
 with my bike, 
eating it out of foil,
and licking mustard off of my hands.
yes, i cheated. i'm sorry, schnitzel truck. i just don't do well not being able to see you on weekends. take me back?
this evening i pedaled my rear end to the momofuku milk bar in midtown {only seven minutes from school, oy vey}
where i hoped to jump on this pastrami croissant train but instead was talked in to something called a
a heart attack roll stuffed with taters gratin, pancetta, and onions
and a
corn cookie
cornbread in cookie form! i wouldn't want to be its therapist or anything, but how cute is that?
my tummy hated me afterward. 
but damn i love some milk bar. such silly and unexpected combinations and love babies. 
i even spotted kimchi butter up in, but... actually now that i think of it, i should have.

i hope everybody had wonderful weekends!! 
happy monday :-)




Anonymous said...

Don't give up on pho. There are some amazing ones out there! Sounds you had a bad pho experience...a pho pah! Or a faux pho...anyhoo, your post is adorable....

Sara said...

In my opinion, banh mi is way better than pho. I mean, it has the crusty bread, awesome meat balls, and spicy mayo. Pho is good, it's just kind of...bla. Broth. Noodles. Thin meat.

But don't give up! Perhaps you will fall in love with pho another day!

Dancing Branflake said...

Just by looking at the pho I know you got the wrong one. Get the rare steak called Tai and get extra cilantro. The broth should not be oily but a beautiful dark brown. Put lots of Sirachi and you should be good to go.

Also, I just love Momofuku Milk Bar and need that volcano in my life. Like... right now!

Kimbirdy said...

to me pho is just "meh." it's fine, but there are so many better things to eat. and do you know that i've never had a schnitzel? it looks amazingly delicious! i think i need to go on a schnitzel hunt asap.

la petite coquine said...

Sounds like quite a weekend! Mrs Branflake took the words out of my mouth about your pho-give it one more chance!

Jude said...

I want a volcano right now. I totally agree with other posters - you have try pho again! That did not even look like pho in the picture (where's the cilantro? the extra helpings of sprout and basil? the lovely slices of raw meat? what's wrong with the broth?) Well, you know, they say the first time can be awkward and forgettable! :) Don't let this pho virginity experience tarnish you from pho for life!

Rio said...

That volcano looks insane! I swear you talk about food that I've never even heard of before! Sooo, thank you for broadening my food horizons haha!

Tillie said...

oh this simply makes me hungry! how delicious.

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