Sunday, November 28, 2010

week 47: ceviche

i'm sick of writing about restaurants. 
maybe it's a phase, maybe i'm having doubts about my final five, but right now at this very moment, i am dunzo.
i mean, it goes without saying that food is awesome and restaurants, too, are awesome.
but when i went to 
last week with the tampa contingency of my extended family,
i didn't want to think about what i was eating, i didn't want to compare it to other stuff, or be the dufus that doesn't let anyone eat until everything has been photographed,
i just wanted to make silly faces at little mia. and talk about my uncanny desire for a faux fur vest with mum. 
so i think i'll just say this about the restaurant, and then talk about how awesome my family is. 
this: ceviche, in tampa, has delicious tapas food and even deliciouser sangria.
 it is absolutely worth going to, should you ever find yourself in tampa {and you've already been to bern's.}

this is a picture of me and stoopie with our cousin jamie and her two kids, mia and ellie.
i used to think little kids were the devil and that they didn't become real people until they somehow caught up to my age. but then mia and ellie started walking and talking and they never became the devil. instead they just gave me great big hugs and showed me how awesome little buddies are. it's like someone threw them in the cool pool. sweet! 
last year i taught mia some of my tambourine excerpts. it eased the pain of having to practice tambourine excerpts over thanksgiving. 
and this year ellie proved to us that she is the next anna-sophie mutter.
this is more of my pretty family!
we have a thing for circle scarves, apparently. 
it's a pretty american family. the day after thanksgiving usually involves the men watching football and the women going to the mall. and then at night we all go to the center of town for the christmas tree lighting ceremony...even though this perplexes ellie on account of, we're jewish.
but, anywho, we've got a baseball card shop, a photographer, and the designer bra strap company in our family. 
incredible, i know!
we also enjoy tres leches and crème brûlée. 

ok. sorry for restaurant challenge post that wasn't about food. 
let's hope this is the kick in my rear that i need before i can really grab my final 5 restaurants by the privates. 



ceviche is in tampa. 


Jody said...

So very very much to be thankful for.

Raquel said...

I feel you on that! It's like "who the fuck am I...and who cares what I think?".

Sometimes I don't even want to take pictures of peoples dishes and they automatically wait for me. LOL.

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Your family is pretty. :)

Dancing Branflake said...

Awesome! I guess sometimes we all need a break. You have done so much already and I cannot believe you are down to the final 5. Whew!

Becca said...

love that last bit.

you guys are cute!
I like the personal side of this.

and I like how you and stoopie and all twinsies in that photo, legs crossed and everything!

Kimbirdy said...

i can't believe there are only 5 left! it seems like just yesterday you were at restaurant number one. i can imagine after a whole year of it, you'd be out of your mind sick of it. hang in there! also, your family is full of beautiful people!!

Jude said...

Love the family shots and can't believe you're down to the last stretch!

Holly said...

You, my friend, have an awesome family. Enjoy them and embrace them for who they are, because you are all rock stars in my opinion. ;-)

Anonymous said...

WOW what a fab family...sure wish I could be a part of them......OH WAIT, I am!
Thank you for posting & taking pretty darn good pics of all of us. You DO rock
Love you,

Anonymous said...

We miss you so much...the COOL kids can't stop talking about their COOL cousins....

elle said...

Molly! You were so close to me. Less than 2 hours away. Also, there is a Ceviche here in Orlando. YUM.

mice_aliling said...

You seem to have a lovely family :) Nice blog too! How's Julliard treating you?

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