Wednesday, December 22, 2010

on my home to-do list

1. squeeze out week 51 and week 52 in restaurant challenge posts. holy oy vay.

2. buy underpants. i didn't bring any home.

3. handle these trapeziuses

4. play ddr and watch gossip girl 
and eat french fries at the steak n' shake and then lou malnati's. 




Sara Szatmary said...

lovely list :)

Charlotte said...

ddr is awesome. you can never play enough ddr.

and how did you forget underwear?!

Meghan said...

Best list EVER! Which restaurants are you tackling here in Chicago???

Katy Mary said...

Yum!! Cannot wait to see what restaurants you choose.

Dancing Branflake said...

Awesome to do list! Go get some undies!

la petite coquine said...

Ha-I made an eating list for my trip home, and felt just like Miss Yeh! Happy Christmas!

courtney. said...

i can't believe i've been living in chicago for two years now and have not yet eaten at lou malnatis.

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