Sunday, February 28, 2010

gone fishin'

i'm on the beach.

be back later






Friday, February 26, 2010

cloudy with a chance of WHAT?!

yes, meatball sized snowflakes
falling from the sky.

someone poured a slushy 
all over new york city

and it's not cherry flavored.

but oh, 
splish splash splish splash

{that's the sound of me jumping in puddles wearing my new hunter green hunter boots!}

hold on...

zoom zoom
zoom zoom

{that's the sound of my airplane taking off for miami tonight}

that's the sound of a spring break starting in february.
silly, i know.

happy spring break, 
my lovely classmates!!



{pics from herehere, & here}

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

simple pleasures.

summer afternoon — summer afternoon; 
to me those have always been 
the two most beautiful words 
in the english language.
[henry james]

swing sets

whipped cream, right out of the can


little peeks into apartments in the village

jelly beans!

bread dough, play dough

coloring books

the way little kids are so excited to show you things,
like hamsters,
and mud,
and castles



chicken nuggets...



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

week 8: wafels & dinges truck

when i was 9 or 10,
i went outside of the country for the first time,
and i was so taken by the little smart cars, 
the fries and mayonnaise, and of course,
the waffles.
and i have this memory of sitting down at a fancy schmancy restaurant with pops and sis and being so very excited to see waffles on the menu.
and i ordered a waffle.
for dinner.
and this was received by a very startled and almost offended look from monsieur waiter.
and a "uhhh myllo, why don't you wait until dessert for that" from pops.

silly, belgium, 
{i ate waffles for dinner tonight, so there}

so this truck,


...i've got serious beef with it. 

i swear, it knows when i have zero cash.
i'll have just spent my last penny at the duane reade,
and i'll turn the corner,
and there you are, darn truck.

it just has this way of popping up in just the wrong places at just the wrong times.
at least the smells are free. 

so this week, i decided i was gonna hunt that truck down!
"jeremy what are you doing?"
"ummm about to practice timbales?"
"FALSE. the wafels truck is in front of our school. you're coming"

jeremy and i made friendsies with the wafelmen who were about to charge us five dolla for every picture we took.
and who made fun of me for thinking they didn't take credit card,
"eez the 21st zentury, zilly girl!"
"YEAH, but you're a TRUCK!"
typical food truck people,
they always have such sass,
and i'm so into it!

they gave us a sample of this wafel topping called 
which was a gingerbread house in paste form.
it was tasty,
but i wasn't sold,
and i began the day with
and so i ended it with nutella.

and strawbees
atop a liège wafel

which is chewier and sweeter than your typical belgian wafel,
giving you more time to savor
and more texture for your satisfaction.

jeremy finished his in the time it took to walk back across the street to school.
i spent my time lingering in the absolutely perfect texture. 
i think our choice to get nutella covered up the raw goodness of the waf.
maybe all it needed was a bit of powdered sugar.

it was a tasty dinner
{better than the spinach i had last night blech BLECH}

and now that i know they take credit card,
i'll best be going back,
even though...
i've got 44 more restaurants to go!



the wafels and dinges truck... is a truck.
but they do have a pretty accurate schedule of their whereabouts here
and looky, they have a blog!


the side of the truck houses a blackboard that always asks a question.
today's was:
what's your favorite olympic sport?
see if you can find my answer, bottom right.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

fig & olive

i knew it was going to be an eventful evening when friend peter showed up to music history class in a tie and vest.
he, miss maria, miss christel, and i sat together in the corner,
 giddy with excitement,
and planning our attack via menu research on our blackberries
{forget learning about chansons. sorry, mr. verdrager}

...add our friend jia,
and peter got himself a date
with 3 1/2 asian ladies!

meatpacking disctrict
is in one of my favorite little areas of new york. 
with its cobblestone streets,
and close proximity to the river,
it almost is more like a seaside village than new york city.
and i've only ever stumbled upon on it while aimlessly wandering the island,
so until that evening, 
it was merely a magical tangent universe that had no real relation to the city.

f&o is total swank.
as in,
forget about good quality pictures because our dim mood lighting is more important,
let's put on some healz and grab some arm candy cause WE are gonna be SEEN. 

deciding what to order was more of a puzzle,
as it was our mission to order everything on the menu.
it went a little something like this:

peter: ok. i'm getting the veal and paella.
maria: good. i'm getting the fish soup and pork.
christel: BITCH i was gonna get the pork
peter: now, ladies, let's not cause a scene.
christel: fine. i'm getting the steak tartar.
me: i'm thinking of getting the chick--
me: beef. i meant i was getting the beef.

in the end it really didn't matter who ordered what because when the food was served,
a game of musical forks began.
you'd prepare a forkfull of the correct ratios,
and then pass it to someone across the table.
i mean talking about swapping spit.
eating your own dish was almost faux pas,
but i liked this style of eating!

i tried, for the first time,
salmon tartar
steak tartar
fish soup

and my favorites of the meal were,

the chicken which was herbed oh so verrry perfectly
my steak which i tried to order medium well but got death stares from peter and so i got it less well,
and it was tasty nonetheless and it had a full slab of butter on top of it and i almost keeled over and died 
the veal which was like butta. not butter, butta.

and the dessert...

...was a fabulous white chocolate mousse

and adorable dessert crostini with cherries.
they were so rich and the cookies so buttery,
so good,
and i was into the creativity of it all.

the meal was absolutely fabulous.
the food was so consistent and tasty,
and being with awesome friendsies made it one big party.

in the end,
it was almost ruined by a butt face mid life crises manager.
the details are unimportant.
what is important,
is that thanks to this,
maria, jia, christel, peter and i, shall be returning to fig & olive
 peter's date with 3 1/2 asians, round 2
courtesy of fig and olive

...stay tuned...



fig and olive has two locations, in addition to the one in the meatpacking district: lex between 62nd and 63rd, and 52nd between fifth and madison.

Friday, February 19, 2010

go evan.

once upon a time,
before i knew what a xylophone was,
i was an ice skater!

 every day after school,
mum would drive me to the ice rink,
and i'd have class or practice.
i once even landed an axle. teehee.

and every so often...
the evan lysacek would be there.
doing what super stars do.
{yes, even way back then, he was the evan lysacek}

and once...
during a competition at my home rink,
i must have been 11 or 12,
i operated the trophy booth.
and evan was competing and he won his division.
and he came to claim his trophy,
and he walked right up to me,
and i gave him his trophy,
and he said to me,

"thank you."


and now he's the olympic champion.




Thursday, February 18, 2010

cheer up, old chap

maybe it was the icky schnitzel,
or maybe it's the gigantor zit on my forehead...
but someone's been a crabby pants lately.
{and her name rhymes with jolly gay}

...and so it is time for a list.

reasons to not be a crabby pants:

1. shaun white's hair

2. peanut butter and cinnamon sandwiches

3. studio dinner at dino barbecue 

4. evan lysacek

5. spring is almost here! time for flowers and the arcade fire!

6. cuddly stuffed penguins that cuddle with you and who have light up hearts

7. my morning walk to school

8. "grapevine fires" by death cab for cutie

9. my silly friends. they are such silly gooses sometimes.

10. my comfy purple canopy bed

11. my neighbor who watches the olympics every night,
praying for curling to come on.

12. the rumor that juilliard is having a prom on friday night...

ok. be not crabby.



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

week 7: lederhosen

subtitle: your spätzle are rubber bands, so let's drown our sorrows.

one of my very best friends, rob, is a near-pescetarian. 
he's a vegetarian,
but he eats fish.
and the "near" part because,
one day a week,
he indulges in the land animal.

and so i knew we would be perfect valentines for each other when he professed his affection for me by saying,
"i'm saving my meat day for you, baybay"
that's true love, if you ask me. 

so, obviously, it was either burgers or schnitzels.
and it just so happened that i was due for a schnitzel.

and so the rob and i navigated about the tiny streets of the west village
until we happened upon
...hidden in a little basement of one of those beautiful west village townhousey things. 

it was so much like entering a german beer house,
that rob and i actually broke out in our best german talky
{we are, after all, scholars of the language}
we were immediately hushed up by our 
sassy "i left germany for a reason and don't want to sprechen the deutsch with you" waitress.

sure, frau, sure.

so i got:
chickens schnitzel
can you substitute that pickled stuff for more spätzle?

{clockwise from top: pickled shit that no one really eats anyways, 
rubber patty, 
rubber bands}

rob got:
pork schnitzel
a la holstein = with an egg on top
pickled shit

ditto on the rubber.

i'll spare you details,
but the evening was saved by four things:

1. the massive mural of pretty germany mountains,
complete with scaled down painting of neuschwanstein,
and cows.
2. the happiness and beer-garden-y ambiance that would make it a very pleasant place to trinken a bier with friends.
{a.k.a. i'd go back to this place, but only after dinner...}

3. my pretty jimmies heart that i crafted in my milk during dessert at milk & cookies.
4. rob {duh}

i mean,
a bad schnitzel had to happen sooner or later.
good thing i have 45 more restaurants to go!!



lederhosen is located at bleecker and grove in the west village.
milk & cookies is located at commerce and 7th ave in the west village.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

cake for valentine's day!

more than roses,
more than smooches,
more than chocolates,
even more than drumsticks painted with little red hearts by your high school boyfriend,
valentine's day is about one thing:
almond cake.
sorry, mushy people.
{kidding about the drumsticks though, they were awesome}

since before i could eat,
my family has been making this cake every year for valentine's day.
and so that is what i did today.

and despite the fact that my closet-sized kitchen lacks a kitchen aid,
{a.k.a. means to whip egg whites sans manual labor},
it came out just as i remembered it when i was a wee one...
when the other awesome thing about this day was collecting candy and little power rangers cards from all of my classmates.

i hope you all had wonderful valentine's days!



Friday, February 12, 2010

the breslin

since when did everybody in the world become vegetarians?
did i miss the memo that you're not supposed to eat dead anymore? 
why do i feel like i just denounced gay marriage when i take out my turkey sandwich for lunch?

raise your hand if you take bacon in your mac and cheese,
if you can't have pancakes without them being rolled around sausages,
and if you go to baseball games just for the hot dogs.
*raises hand*

i'm so happy to have found
to renew my faith in carnivores.

and to remind me that, no, meat eating is not dead.
{no pun intended....}


 unaware of what being attached to the ACE hotel really meant,
i expected white table cloths and cordial waiters in all black,
but was pleasantly shocked to find a quirky, two story, vintage-y establishment
run by kool kids in tight t-shirts and jeans.

the moments where i
[a] opened the menu, and
[b] dropped my jaw
were simultaneous.

"i know, it's like porn!" said my new best friend, the waitress.

the amuse bouche was caramel corn.
not like those balls of cardboard you got on halloween.
this was freshly popped,
with homemade caramel,
and roasted nuts.
...light, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth heaven.
cracker jacks on crack, if you will.

but,  nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen next...

the appetizer.
{i'm hoping that adding a period after the word makes it sound all a bit more grand and intimidating}

with lentils and a terragon and shallot dressing

a house made pork sausage,
herbed uniquely and to PERFECTION...
 piping hot, 
 meaty goodness. 
you could linger on one bite forever.
this honestly has to be one of the best things i've ever eaten.
the main course
came close though...
house made sausage
with polenta and parmesan


with pork ragu and rosemary

{pictured is the former}

i almost bit the pops' head off when he tried ordering the halibut.
i told him if he didn't get the sausage, i'd disown him as a father 
{i had already decided on the taglietelle}
and, luckily, ms. waitress was on my side {YES!}
because the sausage was {and pops soon agreed}
ok the sausage itself was fine,
but a perfect forkfull of just the right proportions of it and it's friend, the polenta, was just 
deliciously comforting. 
the tanginess of the parmesan meshed so well with the sweet polenta. 
i needed one of those four foot long forks to keep reaching across the table to pops.

the taglietelle 
was very very good. 
i can't say much about it,
because by the time i had finished it
 {in all of two bites :-(...}
i had forgotten to think about it.

it was an almost offensively small portion.
that's ok
because it gave the pops and i reason to order the
thrice baked chips
served with cumin mayo and spicy pickles
that yelled from the menu,
"eeeeat me!!!"
they were quite tasty.
similar to pommes frites,
but a bit crunchier.

i tasted one of the pickles that came with it.
{i've never had a pickle}
it was fine.
sorta weird.
kinda pointless?
what's the point of a pickle?

whatever, it's time for
ciabatta donuts with navan and banana ice cream
{banana ice cream on the SIDE thank heavens... bananas give me the heeby geebies}


chocolate stout syllabub
 with bubbled caramel and crème fraiche 

donuts! can we talk about donuts?!
in 6th grade i once ate an ENTIRE box of krispy kremes in once sitting.
april, these ciabatta donuts are just genius!
they're chewy! sooo chewy! 
and not too sweet, so i could go on and on eating them.

is like a fancy word for mousse?
that, too was über tasty. 
the caramel was a bit salty,
and the crème fraiche light,
and the chocolate pearls on top hilarious and charming.

both of the desserts were way satisfying.


the whole meal was wayyy satisfying. 
i give it like seven thumbs up.
it was so creative. 
not in an out sort of way,
but in a.. this makes so much sense sort of way.

next time i have carnivorous friends visit from out of town,
i'm taking them here.

i mean,
those brits, they just know.



the breslin bar and dining room is on west 29th street, just east of broadway

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