Tuesday, June 29, 2010


once upon a time i dated this dude who lived in philly
and he lived across the street from this place called
which specialized in this stuff called water ice
water what?
water ice
{pronounced, "wuhter ice"}
it's a halfway point between a slushy and your average scoop of italian ice.
and it's addictive
so, too, is their frozen custard
whose sole purpose in life is to embellish the water ice,
creating what rita's calls a 
{unfortunate name, i know, but beggars can't be choosers-especially in this tasty case}
you know what they say about breakups:
the hardest part of breaking up is getting back your food
i know i did not literally leave a cup of water ice at old boyfriend's apartment.
but since rita's didn't exist on the island back then, i did have to bid farewell to weekly gelatis 
and i just wanted to reference that sweet 2gether song {r.i.p. q.t. mcknight} 

so imagine my excitement when manhattan's first rita's opened up right in my neighborhood!!! 
weeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy dance.

the best days are the days when they have pistachio water ice.
the second best days are when they have birthday cake water ice.
and the third best days are when they have strawby water ice {and i get chocolate frozen custard plopped on top!}

the rest of the days are pretty much the best too.
rita's just makes me so jolly.
i usually walk really really fast on the way there,
and then i have nice little stroll back to my apartment...
savoring the artificial flavor,
taking care to get the perfect ratio of custard and ice in each bite, 
and then drinking the part that has become too melty to scoop up at the end.
who needs those bougey ice cream sandwiches anyways??

rita's, i love you.



rita's in manhattan is on broadway and 92nd!

Monday, June 28, 2010

week 26: katz's delicatessen

when it is two in the morning and you are on the lower east side and you're confused because because just a few moments ago you were on the upper west side at harry's burritos and you just got off the phone with your best friend's dad because you tried calling your best friend but instead his dad answered and you are not quite sure who is more drunk, and somebody just asked you which way to the cruise ship, you know that something fantastic is about to happen:

you are going to eat a katz's pastrami sandwich.


it wasn't my idea. 
it was sam's.
he's my favorite.
  and when him and i were the last ones standing in a monumental evening of inebriation,
we decided this was our prize.
{last one to vom wins a sandwich!}
here is what i recall:

-thinking there would be a long wait
-there not being a long wait
-being confused about where to order
-receiving a free sample of pastrami while we waited
-ordering a pastrami sandwich and matzoh ball soup
-having an easy time finding a place to sit
-sam eating all of the pickles
-me being ok with it
-getting mad at sam for stealing my soup crackers
-sam repeating,
ohmygod this is amazing
while he stuffed his face
-bread so so so sooo soft, softer than any rye i've ever had
-being confused over which is better:
millburn or katz?
-medium warm medium good matzoh ball soup
-being confused about where to pay
-trying to pay with card
-having to pay with cash
-confusion about tipping
-just... general confusion, but extreme satisfaction
-wanting more

next time?

katz: the sober edition!
but first...
26 more to go!! 
i'm halfway there!!!



katz's delicatessen is on hudson and ludlow in the l.e.s.
it's really really old. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010

would it kill you to eat a vegetable

i ate a vegetable this weekend.
it felt weird.
i went to the unfancy food show this weekend.


the stars were
confit village
{duck confit+puff pastry=confiterole! how cute?}
i went to the bang on a can marathon this weekend.

and i guest live-blogged for friend will's blog
check it out for some more details about the performances!
i only made it for about four hours
some people will have been there for all twelve hours!
there were a ton of cool concepts
{asses on pianos, music out of chalkboards, you know...}
but i think the most inspiring and polished performance that i saw was 
fred frith's snakes and ladders
performed by the bang on a can all stars

and i loved the gamelan ensemble
starring my old friend sam!


i went to the brooklyn flea this weekend.
and ate a hot dog with pork belly
a porchetta sandwich
a gruyere grilled cheese
a banh mi-style hot dog
a pretzel with truffles
a raspberry basil popsicle
{not alone- with friend katie, of course}
and then in a state of stupidity i erased all of my pictures. 
reason to go back soon.

my friend kyle won a job in the new york philharmonic this weekend
yay yipee!!!!!
congratulations, buddy :-)

'twas a fabulous weekend.



Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

oops i forgot to write about anything that doesn't involve food

ok! things i've done recently that don't involve food:

1. rode my bike
the molly mobile 
she's two shades of chocolate. 
oh wait that's food! 
she's two shades of poop.

2. listened to music
nowadays i like
stars of the lid
{no relation}

3. looked at pictures of pandas
omg you guys look

4. cheered on my friends kyle & kyle who are the only finalists in the new york philharmonic audition. 
finals are on saturday!

5. saw toy story 3/cried

6. wrote letters

7. forgot to send letters

8. became overwhelmed by all of the events happening in new york city and decided not to do any of them and didn't feel bad about it

9. wrote for time out new york

10. watched the o.c.

11. facebooked

oh no this is so boring.
tomorrow i go back to writing about food.



p.s. did anybody see brittany's response to my contest in the last post? it made me pee in my pants:

"From L to R..

1. Take the picture, and get oughta' here lady before you see what REALLY goes into this meat!

2. Nice to "Meat" you.. get it? Meat-Meet!! har! har!

3. would this be an awkward time to let everyone know I'm a vegetarian!?"

OOOOOH MEAT! {winner gets something good}

pat la frieda & friend(s) are the meat guys behind the best burgers in the universe
{minetta tavern, the spotted pig, 5 napkin, shake shack, etc etc etc}
however, i'm most interested in the various facial expressions displayed in this picture.
does anybody else find this really really amusing?
like...what do you think they're thinking??

consider this a contest:

whoever can think up the best thought bubbles to go over these guys' heads wins.



p.s. a new la frieda burger is coming to town... and on the upper west side!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

holey shit

this is no doubt the best way to eat an egg.
sometimes i feel bad for its lack of a strong identity,
as i've heard it called about six different names.

i call it
hole in the middle

mum makes it best.
although i'm guessing the one in this picture could give her a run for her money.



Sunday, June 20, 2010

week 25: chola

ask most people what the best cure for a hangover is and they'll probably tell you 
advil & toast
ask most twenty-something guys what the best cure for a hangover is and they'll probably tell you
more booze
ask any one of the percussionists at juilliard what the best cure for a hangover is and they will tell you
indian buffet

there's nothing like sitting with my friends and stuffing our mouths with paneer and pakoras, trying to remember what exactly happened the night before. 
{my efforts are usually focused on trying to remember if i had one or six gray's papaya hot dogs. and did i go to big nick's after that}

the point is,
i usually get my indian fix in the form of 
how much food can you get for the least amount of money and which places have unlimited naan and who cares what the quality is you're going to puke it up later in the day anyways.

but when my very hairy friend nick came to town craving some fine indian,
i couldn't think of a better way to experience this phenomenon.
indian at night time? 
high brow? 
limited quantities? 
sounds good, let's do it

my teacher's indian dentist says there are two good indian restaurants in this city:

and since my asian girl food enthusiast friend david told me that i must try chola,

i tried chola.

it was a really really strong decision.

typically when it comes to indian,
i start with samosas.
but i was feeling a little bubbly on this occasion of legit indian dining,
and nick seemed to know what he was doing,
so we started with 
roti canai
roti with coconut chicken curry


taters, chickpeas, yogurt, chaat masala, cumin, and chutney

and i think i just about died and went to heaven when i assembled my roti canai and stuck it in my mouth.
the roti was so buttery!!!! 
 i love butter!

the ragara was also really good and refreshing.
but i couldn't stop drooling over the roti,
so it kind of took the back seat.
sorry, ragara. 

for our mains,
nick braved the 
chicken vindaloo
i almost had to call an ambulance,
but he eventually manned up.
{in his defense, vindaloo is some pretty hot shit. and while nick is usually pretty good with hot shit {if ya know what i mean}, i had to throw him some sympathy here}

i didn't try it.
i've learned me lesson.

instead of my usual tikka masala,
i got 
chicken chutneywala
curried mango, mint, ginger

not just because it has a cool name,
but because mango seems to play well with chickens these days.

above is a sort of ghetto representation of how indian food should be eaten
the naan/rice/chicken taco
dunked in summa that green sauce and showered in raita 


indian food is even better when it hasn't been sitting on a buffet table for hours!

chola was completely worth the trip to the dark/east side.
the quality and freshness and service was pretty outstanding.

if you're not hungover,
or even if you are,
you need to go here.

i'll definitely be going here again.
as soon as i try the rest of my 27 restaurants!



chola is on the upper east side. just. take a taxi.

grand central market...

has lots of tasties

...like meat

and focaccia 

and ho-hos

and cubes of mac and cheese.

it's like the prepared food section of your grocery store on steroids and red bull
and the murray's meat shop will blow your mind
{almost as much as their cheese shop}



Thursday, June 17, 2010

juice, food trucks, politix

a few weeks ago i went to the gowanus food truck festival!
unfortunately i was still recovering from my wisdom teeths extraction
fortunately i was still able to get nutrients from the

part of me was feeling adventurous
{the part that wasn't numb from all the drugz}

so i got juice made with
red pepper

sort of weird.
but refreshing.

even though i couldn't eat anything,
the festival was super fun...

partly because 
people who work in food trucks are cool and sassy and awesome.

which brings me to my next point of order in this post which is politics and the sad food truck bill that councilsista jess lappin is trying to pass.

if you haven't read it,
it basically says that any food truck that gets more than two parking violations in a year will get their license taken away.

now first of all, politics are at the top of my list of things that i don't like to discuss
but i really don't understand why this councilwoman would want to pass this bill.
food trucks are like the grown up version of the lemonade stand.
they're fun
and they're probably technically illegal
but because homemade lemonade is so darn tasty and happy
{kind of like a schnitzel}
our neighborhood police don't go around trying to arrest the kiddies with the lemons.

miss jess, why you gotta take away our fun?
and good food?
have you ever even had a macarella?
don't you have better things to worry about?!

i don't want to get into this too much.
it is just really saddening to have this girl rain on our parade.
she seems young and inexperienced.
she needs to pick her battles.
i'm not quite at the forefront of all of this,
but i wouldn't be surprised if the people making the decisions on whether to pass this bill or not see this girl as a bit of a joke.
{like the guy who wanted to ban salt}

there's honestly no greater feeling than turning a corner in this city and stumbling upon one of your favorite food trucks
{that is until you bite into a liege waffle...}

can you stop wasting time? and eat a dumpling? and have fun?



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