Friday, December 31, 2010

week 52: alinea

you should probably just go.



alinea is in chicago

Monday, December 27, 2010

the annual dumplings of the world festival

there is no christmas goose in my family. 
rather, there is,
here, go to the living room and fill this dough with potatoes for samosas.
or. dip a ball of risotto in bread crumbs so that we can fry them and make arancini...
it's really hilarious to walk around my house on christmas day 
and see a bunch of family friends sitting around, 
drinking mulled wine, 
and making dumplings.
this is stoopie and her pierogi-lovin boyfriend. and pierogi!
and empanadas with vegan sausage {??!?!!?} represented south of the border
new this year was a scary feat,
that we conquered with ease and chickens.
alls we did was use our secret fammy potsticker recipe, 
and then added some gelatinized chicken broth in with the filling {yeah, they were even kosher...}
and they were fantastic!
take that, joe's shanghai :-)

next year's mission?
dessert dumplings...



Friday, December 24, 2010

week 51: cafe sabarsky

the last new york restaurant in restaurant challenge
there are three reasons the answer to can you play this gig? will be a definite yes:
1. the venue is in an unexplored part of town 
{creating opportunities to discover new restaurants} 
2. the performance is narrated by isaac mizrahi
3. it involves 3D glasses 
ok there are other reasons that actually have to do with music and stuff, but the point is this past week i played a gig that included two of the above...
[and i was absolutely kidding about the 3D glasses.]

for two entire weekends, i was chained to the guggenheim,
playing show after show of {my favorite!} peter and the woof.
and i thought i was out of luck when yelp search nearby said
 starbucks, le pain quotidien, starbucks, the wright...
 until on page four it finally said my dreams come true in the form of
[3 blocks away]
...and so began my residency
on the first day there was what a little austrian girl eats after a long day when it's cold and she could use some comfort:
baked bowties, ham, and emmentaler
weisswurst with a pretzel and mustard
it was the best kind of hot dogs with mac and cheese.
and it is a fact that, if there's one underrated wiener in this country, it's weisswurst. 
that s*** is hella good.
on the second day,
there was 
spätzle with peas, carrots, and mushrooms 
bratwurst with riesling sauerkraut
and a high brow version of what the people in my family like to call
hot dog cheese* {käsekrainer... bratwurst stuffed with cheddar}
*one of the most embarrassing snacks i ate as a wee one was a hot dog cut up and topped with little squares of american cheese and then microwaved and served with ketchup. 
it was as embarrassing as its terribly unfortunate name.
the käsekrainer was really delicious and snappy!! and oozy. 
and the spätzle was amazing, once i picked out all of the mushrooms. i know, i know. 
spätzle is another thing this world needs more of. i mean, it is little premature dumplings!
for dessert,
chocolate marzipan cake with organgey things and house made whipped cream
your girl cannot resist some marzipan.
it is like if a clydesdale were a dessert, you know? 
all smart and stately. 
and austria is cool because it doesn't mess with all them fruity sorbets or popsicles. 
they are all about the cakes and the marzipans and the strudels.
and you should have seen this dessert menu. 
on the third day,
i took the newspaper as my date and had a 
liverwurst open-faced sandwich 
which i had a little issue with because the menu didn't specify that my sandwich would be 
open-faced, but i instantly didn't care because 
it was some thick and salty {i lurve salty} liverwurst spread. 
by far the best part about this meal was afterwards when i ran into my little korean friend on the street who asked me what i ate for lunch and, in my best broken korean, i tried to explain what liverwurst is to her, until i realized that i really don't know korean and decided to just point to my liver and then i didn't know which side my liver was on. 
so i think she thinks i ate a pancreas sandwich for lunch...
the other best part about my last visit was that i got an apple strudel on the house.
maybe it's because i went there like twelve times in a week,
but part of me also thinks it's because i was there alone and it was an all male wait staff and i did my hairs real good that day.
regardless, the apple strudel was the perfect christmas time dessert!
and so here marks the last new york restaurant in restaurant challenge. 
it was christmas-y and festive and delicious. 
wiener-filled, and marzipan inclusive. 
i'm into it. you should be too.

now, get ready for the 1 remaining restaurant.



cafe sabarsky is on east 86th and 5th, inside of the neue galerie. if there's a really long wait, the more casual cafe fledermaus {downstairs} has the same menu.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

on my home to-do list

1. squeeze out week 51 and week 52 in restaurant challenge posts. holy oy vay.

2. buy underpants. i didn't bring any home.

3. handle these trapeziuses

4. play ddr and watch gossip girl 
and eat french fries at the steak n' shake and then lou malnati's. 



Friday, December 17, 2010

week 50: the spotted pig

i've got a fever and the only cure is more april bloomfield.
since being done in with cotechino and ciabatta donuts at the breslin last february, i've had my little desires burning with hope that one day, maybe, i'd have the time to invest in the legendary wait at ms. b's other wansternaunt, 
here are my dates, jeff and hammer, doing what you're supposed to do before a spotted pig happening. and it is sad because our schedules these days are such that our "spontaneous late-night badass drunk trip to the spotted pig" really had to be our precisely calculated days in advance drunken itinerary meal plan. 
but really it was aok because when we rolled in after a few at the local watering hole, we apparently told the host the lucky number because despite the fact that people were all up in each other's grill, we three got seated immediately. shazam.
and soon thereafter, chicken liver toast was in my belly and it was more than great. 
it was so so great. 
and even better was that the friend who told me weeks ago that i must get the chicken liver toast is a circus clown.
 the other appetizers {deviled eggs and something called a devil on a horseback {?} which involved a fruity thing wrapped in a bacon-y thing}were good too, but nothing could prepare us for 
the bunny rabbit that jeff ordered.
i never had a bunny rabbit before, i never even considered it.
stoop always used to sleep with a stuffed bunny rabbit, so maybe that was the reason. 
anywho, i do believe that bunny rabbit might be one of my new favorite meats. 
it's a juicier, softer, tastier version of a chicken. 
and i am all for it, thumpers aside.
ok so the gnudi = {gnocchi + ravioli}^n
trader joe's makes this stuffed gnocchi that is wild, so if you eat that and then imagine it better, that is what this is. 
the pasta was really doughy and the ricotta was really grainy and ricotta-y.
 i don't know what was more entertaining:
the great pile of rosemary hiding underneath the shoestring fries
or hammer sitting across the table from me, 
about to poo his pants about how much he loved that damn burger.
and yeah, it was mighty good. flavorful, a softy bun... but in my eyes, roquefort cheese will always be a man's cheese. and also being a majority tipsy might not have been totally conducive to the stinky feet smell...
but the shoestring fries, by gum. it was like every single night during high school that was spent at the steak and shake eating their skinny fries. these were crispier, and garlickier, and saltier, and...soooo much rosemary. brilliant. 
it was a tight fry.
shortly thereafter,
i was awake in my bed with all of my clothes on and a bunny rabbit next to me.
just kidding.

whatever, good thing this place finally happened because there are two restaurants left in the restaurant challenge. holy lamb.



the spotted pig is on west 11th and greenwich and is open way late and does not take reservations

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

music things

the past week has included a variety of memorial concerts for 
the molly mobile 
{in case you dint know, she's less a wheel and a seat and i'm surely not ready for a unicycle in this life}
the first was the music of steve reich.
he is the guy in the middle with the baseball cap and his eyes closed because it was either this picture or a picture with mrs. cellist bending over and caleb craning his neck to look at imaginary things.
if you haven't heard the music of steve reich, you should because it is the musical equivalent to everything your parents did in the 70s. 
and then a performance of the entire daphnis et chloé went down and if mr. stick wasn't such an emotional tiger when he conducted i would have fallen asleep in between my 1st and 2nd/last notes. no really. i mean that in the best way possible though because yannick nézet-séguin really is the real thing. like i wish the entire audience could have been seated behind the orchestra to witness what was happening on the podium at the third peak in the second suite. there are no words to explain how outrageous it was.
oh and then this happened today. 
because after all, it is a music school.
 it was like tuba christmas, jr.


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