Sunday, April 24, 2011


1 lemon + chili SCRATCHbread focaccia
2 freedom toast @ egg
3 hole-in-the-middle {aka eggs rothko?? i had no idea} @ egg
4 a midday taco from the taco stand @ artists & fleas
5 i mean... why not?

school was closed this weekend. actually, it was just closed today and i pretended that it was closed yesterday so that i could... walk around and eat. in between doing productive things, of course, such as: shopping for a graduation dress! nevermind that though {the perfect sequined dress has yet to show itself to me, so in a way, i was not so productive this weekend}. but when you consider the asparagus soup that i experienced at northeast kingdom and the wasabi linguine that i purchased at the brooklyn flea, it was an absolutely wonderful weekend, edibley speaking.



Dancing Branflake said...

Good luck finding your graduation dress. How exciting! And now, I am hungry. Thanks.


sara said...

grad dress shopping, how fun! and all this food looks delicious.. yum

Becca said...

oh such fun little details.
yummy food.
good times :)

la petite coquine said...

Sounds absolutely delicious! I always tease John that our religion is brunch!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I had wonderfully delicious asparagus soup for dinner and lunch today. Mm mmm MMM. Looks like you beat me in the delicious edibles department though - my God this all looks great!

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