Tuesday, April 19, 2011

take me there, i want to go there


1 aziz makes a new acquaintance!
2   there is never enough sunscreen. 
3 local mustard whose taste will remain unknown until it gets shipped to me on the count of it being over three ounces. 
4 & 5  the bissel breakfast @ the metro diner. a perfect prelude to a long day of practice.
6 z + m in casual wear
7 z + m in formal wear

i am back from jacksonville. back from the beach, back from rehearsals, back from timeless nights at the hookah lounge.
it took a second, but i really do enjoy jacksonville. it has a really adorable amount of birgadoonian mystery that you wouldn't find in a traditional city. like, you'll be driving around and see a cute downtown area with fun looking pastry shop or a coffeehouse... then you'll come to a residential area, or some water, or a highway, and likely a strip mall... then tout รก coup you are in a whole new cute downtown area, but it is still jacksonville. i estimate these discoveries could happen about four or five times. it is very cool and i envy it. the largest town in the lower 48 states shouldn't feel this homey but it does. aziz must have told me the politically-driven reason for these cute separate areas twelve times. but alas i am a space case and couldn't stop trying to decide which area was my favorite in order to listen to his political banter. 
playing with the orchestra was great fun! it embarasses me to say that the bass drum and the triangle are two of my most favorite instruments. but guess what, i got to play them and i go to play them loudly!!! that makes a happy molly. 


here are some eating places in jax that i enjoyed, described in the style of a typical jacksonville symphony orchestra trombone player:
the metro diner "fact: this place is nailguns and i am about to blast through a bissel breakfast with biscuits and gravy on the side and eggs over medium and then hit on the waitresses. fact: this place is the best. and i might blast back for a crabcake benedict before they close."
bowl of pho "fact: this is the greatest pho in jacksonville, possibly even in all of florida. and it's cheap so i can blast more money on beer later. and asian waitresses. what's not to luv."
casbah "if you want to blast through some hookah, get some. here. and then blast their pita and hummus and also some red velvet cake because it is the best. ever. fact that's what she said blahblahblahhhh."


sara said...

that sounds awesome, the changing neighborhoods. i love when you all of a sudden find yourself in a completely different sort of place - even if it's the same place. makes the city that much better.

Anonymous said...

you find the best wherever you are and I love reading about it.

Maddy said...

AHHHH I didn't know you were in Jax! I live a mere 2 hours away... I've still never had pho.. I want to try some!!

p.s. is that subject line from the song from the Rugrats Movie? ;)

la petite coquine said...

Who doesn't love the bass drum and the triangle?! Glad you guys had such a good week!

Dancing Branflake said...

Now I'm craving pho!
And crabcake eggs benedict sounds amazing!

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