Monday, May 30, 2011

what i'm drinking right now

stoopie made it for me and she used a lot of the vodka that we were originally going to to use to spike the watermelon tonight... it's called a {hold on let me ask stoop}
"bluebee smash...featuring basil from the garden"

now stoopie will explain how to make it:
"ok. take a glass, put some blueberries in the glass and then go into the garden, harvest some basil from jody's [mum's] garden, put the basil in the cup, squeeze half a lime into the cup with one tisp of sugar and muddle. muddle with a small wooden spoon. until the bluebees are smooshed. uh... fill the cup with ice and as much vodka as you please. stir. top with lime-flavored la croix. that's it!"

enjoy your memorial day!!


Friday, May 27, 2011

summer on the upper west side

the upper west side just got its very own 16 handles.
how exciting!
i went there today, my last day in the city for, like, ever.
{not ever, just a few months}
and because one cake-flavored yogurt is nary enough,
i got two: red velvet and birthday.
does birthday cake taste different from vanilla cake?
do studies show that people are more likely to buy 
something called birthday than something called vanilla?
does the flavor birthday cake only exist in non-cake things,
such as lip gloss and yogurt? because my birthday cake is usually red velvet...
i guess we'll never care enough to know. 
i got the birthday and the red velvet and then for even more refreshment 
i threw in a dab of mint chocolate. 
and then i made a mental agenda for the order of my bites:
1. birthday + brownie nubbins
2. birthday + sprinkles + gummi bears, my old time fave
3. birthday + rainbow cookie {am i right that i would be surprised to find this combination in a store anywhere outside of manhattan?}
4. crunch thing with the weird name
5. red velvet by its lonesome
6. finish her off with some chocolate + strawbees almost worked, but then it was like a hundred million degrees out and it melted to a puddle around step 3.
but it was so good.
ok. time to return to packing.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i did it

1. i gradiated!
2. *panic*
3. j/k!!!
4. the illustrious percussion class of 2011.
5. with mr. president and pops. 

i am done with school, for now. no more penguins, no more l & m. not more sunday afternoons at the practice room sign-out table talking about our hangovers, no more early morning instrument moves. 
but really. there are so many things to miss: the concerts, the practice breaks, the amazing guest artists, breakfast at the diner near carnegie in between the move and the dress, free pizza on wednesdays, student discounts...

what to do, what to do now? i think i'll ride my bike.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

i am 22.

it seems that it is my golden birthday.
and for that i would like some haikus.
 above, a 14-year-old me poses with a ti-89 PLUS calculator.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wiener world

{because heaven only knows who will end up here based on that title...}
 on sunday i went to the meathook and looked at the cute little sausages waving to me from behind the counter and proceeded to adopt one of each. they so cute.
 and then i carried my sausages cross the bridge and up the island and into my little yellow apartment where i cooked them up and ate them.
it was a lot of fun and, for lack of a term that is more privy to our times, it was a sausage fest. 
i got six types: ramp, banh mi, bacon cheeseburger, the long dong bud, boerwors, and italian. 
and in order from favorite to even more favorite, they were...
tied for second place: all of them except for the long dong bud
first place: the long dong bud
it has jalapenos and cheese in it! and, ok, i think i am not a very good sausage cooker because what i am used to comes frozen in the package and also who has a barbecue in manhattan? but so basically i just threw them all in a pan with some evoo and watched them spit and brown and then was scared that i'd get e coli so i cooked the living daylights out of them and maybe i cooked them too long. the long dong bud had no choice but to be juicy because of the cheese oozing out of it, but the others, i think would have been better, had i had better weeny cooking technique. but still, they were really really good. and silly.
 oh, and yeah, i served them with a few mustards:
honey & whiskey
chilli & vodka
ginger & wasabi
amora dijon 


Monday, May 16, 2011


 to walk on to a stage
to play music that you absolutely love
for an audience filled  with people whom you absolutely love
{in pants that you absolutely love}
is a feeling that, if caught in a jar and sold for any price,
i'd buy a thousand and keep them forever.
i honestly don't think that i've ever put more of myself into anything before. i worked my tookus off, and though i found my limit {it was rather chicken with the head cut off-esque,
seasoned with about ninety different instruments and it involved slurry speech and ogre hands...}
the entire process was insanely awesome.
if i could do it again,
i totes would. 
in the end, there were homemade soft pretzels from mum,
marzipan cookies from stoop,
a tits mustard selection,
catching all the breaths i forgot to take these past few months,
and so many of my favorite people under the same roof, i almost exploded.

oh shucks, ima fuggin cry.

all photos are by photogenius donny tsang

Saturday, May 7, 2011

dinner party mustard.

dinner party mustard is a bit difficult. 
you run in to the problem of pretty jar vs. pretty taste and the questions of what does this pair well with? and ohmygod, what if somebody doesn't like mustard?
i've found that the prettiest jars most commonly house dijon mustards... 
{click for example a & example b}
which, if you ask me, dijon is a gorgeous taste. but some get offended by the horseradish. 
i know, what the fuck.
 anyways let's save the crime&punishment-sized post on pairings for later. for now i'll just bask in the non-offensiveness of the gem that is brown sugar pecan mustard. with this beauty, you don't have to know what your dinner host is serving {which in this case included a delicious broccoli orecchiette* and prosciutto + melon salad} and you don't have to worry about offending most people. 
it stands well enough alone with an intriguing personality, the perfect sesame stick, 
and a pristine subtlety that you always wanted in a statement mustard. 
also, it was a ladies night so the purple label added a nice touch.
*have you ever heard a british girl pronounce orecchiette? it's life-changing, i recommend it.
 dunk away, kids.


if you're not in close proximity to zabar's,
order this mustard here.
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