Monday, May 30, 2011

what i'm drinking right now

stoopie made it for me and she used a lot of the vodka that we were originally going to to use to spike the watermelon tonight... it's called a {hold on let me ask stoop}
"bluebee smash...featuring basil from the garden"

now stoopie will explain how to make it:
"ok. take a glass, put some blueberries in the glass and then go into the garden, harvest some basil from jody's [mum's] garden, put the basil in the cup, squeeze half a lime into the cup with one tisp of sugar and muddle. muddle with a small wooden spoon. until the bluebees are smooshed. uh... fill the cup with ice and as much vodka as you please. stir. top with lime-flavored la croix. that's it!"

enjoy your memorial day!!



la petite coquine said...

This sounds delicious-what a way to celebrate Memorial Day!

Meghan said...

Holy amazing drink, Batman!

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