Thursday, June 2, 2011

you may call me macaron molly

the prospect of making macarons has not even been an option,
lest my baking ego get destroyed.
until today. 
when, after watching a wonderful rehearsal of the chicago symphony
playing mahler 9 and enjoying a bit of tea at the russian tea time,
i had an entire half a day to fill with whatever i pleased,
i filled it with the time and patience it takes to {successfully} make
toasted sesame macarons
i used this recipe and i chose to add toasted sesames
because when i was five i had an imaginary friend named
gumpug {pronounced, "justit"} who went to a school called
sesame school.
i immediately regret typing that and i might delete it tomorrow.
but also i like that the sesames add a really great,
not-too-sweet nutty taste. 
and not to boast {though really i'm about to},
but i'm really proud of myself for actually pulling through with 
this recipe. normally when a recipe has a direction
that involves double boiling and stiff peaks and lots of sitting,
i lose my patience and say f that and buy whatever i'm trying to make.
but i did it! 
and the skins formed,
and the icing hardened,
and i sifted. i sifted. sifting is really annoying,
but i did it and it was worth it because now there are 
lots and lots of macarons in my fridge and they are like
ladurĂ©e, watch out. 



la petite coquine said...

You did it, and they look delicious! John and I made a meringue top for a coconut cream pie last weekend by HAND-my arm is still sore, but we were determined to get those stiff peaks!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

They look great! Macaroons always seem like such a hard thing to bake, but yours turned out great, you've inspired me to try them myself...

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