Sunday, July 10, 2011


 bugs are not so scary
the pool is not as deep
my legs are really hairy
and this was so not supposed to be a rhyme.
an abundance of snail mail is in my life,
in addition to many popsicles...
waking up early before everyone else is my renewed favorite,
and running isn't totally pooey anymore.
i learned how to make really cool friendship bracelets,
and my supply of clean socks is slowly dwindling.
and unlike undies, turning dirty socks inside out does not an acceptable and wearable garment make. 


Jody said...

Socks and friendship bracelet materials are on their way. Thank you snail mail.

Charlotte said...

Thanks for the tip about socks... and underwear... ? Sounds a little sketchy.

mice_aliling said...

I miss making those friendship bracelets :) I made a lot of those when I was a kid :)

s a m said...

free kittens? If you didn't leave with one I'm impressed with your willpower! I'm such a sucker for fluff-balls

elephantJuice said...

friendship bracelets + free kittens = win!

I used to love making friendship bracelets, may have to start again :)

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