Thursday, July 21, 2011

missings & unmissings

maybe these can arrive in my next care packeege? maybe? maybe?
tanglewood :: ravinia :: la jolla summerfest :: etc
==> loebwiches + leonore + counting the little picnic tables
air conditioning
waking to the sweet smell of bread in the oven
the molly mobile
a midwestern accent
fresh herbs, fresh veggies
my people
jo snow soda and kimchi grilled cheese with my people
talking shop {kidding... kind of}
or rather, some things i will definitely miss when i leave
bird calls in the place of taxi rumblies
that it's not weird for 90% of my correspondence to be via snail mail
"i'm smelly, you're smelly too. one more day without a shower is fiiiine."
easy access to a ceramics studio
the lack of technologies
the dining hall stuffing
my new people
devouring all of the cookie cakes from visiting day with my new people



marshy said...

We miss you!!!!

Claire said...

cookie cakes are the best!

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