Tuesday, August 23, 2011

earthquake dumplings

 hipster dumplings
atop some ceramics i made at camp dumplings
sunchokes were my lunch today. which led to some really disgustingly loud tummy grumblies {unbelievably loud, in fact}. so when the floor and my chair started to feel like jell-o, i thought oh man these sunchoke tummy grumblies are really getting to me, i should spot the nearest waste basket. and i didn't say anything to anyone until people whom i safely assumed hadn't had a sunchoke lunch were talking about a similar jell-o experience. and it was indeed mister earthquake. my first. and i am just grateful that i didn't know it was happening when it happened because if i did, i would have probably had a fast-breathing attack. and near-fast-breathing attacks call for comfort food. like homemade dumplings! and in my teensy apartment kitchen, that is a big big job. but it happened, and they were so incredibly marvelous and just the kind of post-grumbly-and-earthquake comfort i needed. to be exact, they were {whole wheat vegetable dumplings} and they were rather winged.

the wrappers: whole wheat flour + water + lots of kneading and resting
the innards {mainly a mixture of what looked good at the market on sundee}: squashies + zucchini + carrots + young broccoli + sugar, soy sauce, salt, garlic, flour
the sauce: soy sauce + sesame oil + red pepper flakes + rice vinegar + rice wine + garlic

oh dumpling heavens they were good. i wish i hadn't et them all so i could have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

nummy nummy! make me some! love, stoop

Jody said...

Next stop; dumplings of the world festival potential?

la petite coquine said...

These look delicious, and now they're always be quake dumplings! My dad's birthday was yesterday and I keep calling it his "birthquake".

Miss Cortni said...

gahhh! soo yummy - i love dumplings!! :)

-missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

they look good!

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