Saturday, August 6, 2011

milk + cookies before taps

every time i coil a rope, i hold it up by the tail and, in my best seamus mcfly voice, i say to the wall boys, maggie i got dinner! but no one gets it. 
 this is what a typical bunk's condiment basket looks like.
 this is what my bunk's condiment basket looks like.
"eat fish + chips" is now on my to-do list
{being read to with no interruptions but bird calls}
a knot that won't come undone
hand drawn maps
holy crap apple picking season is nearing
but color war is nearer
and i have no intention of using anything besides uni-ball rollerball pens ever again



Maddy said...

HEY! I go to Florida State University! What's that map for? haha

I wish Florida had apple picking season :(

Rebecca said...

you can get fish and chips in Londonnnnnn!!!!!!!!
when are you visiting me? I will take you to a good 'chippy,' as they say ;-) xoxo

Red Boots said...

I love your condiment basket! Do you travel everywhere with a load of condiments stashed in your bag?!


ps: fish and chips are amazing, especially when eaten out of a newspaper wrapper!

Bitsy said...

OMG Molly! i find it so weird that you have a map of DMU! thats where I live!! xx

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