Thursday, August 18, 2011

:: today ::

today i woke up in a large clean bed with cool clean sheets and scurried up to get ready for a bike ride. i rode my bike {zoom zoom} past the yummy-smelling pastry stand, past the site of my favorite taco truck, and in to central park. there i rode one big loop, all around the park. it was crowded and i almost bumped in to people. 

after returning from my bike ride, i cleansed and exfoliated. i dried and dressed. and then fixed myself a berry + chocolate yogurt smoothie and a small cup of strong coffee. while the coffee cooled, i enjoyed my smoothie with a baked blueberry oatmeal circle that i made yesterday. after that i cleaned a bit, drank my coffee, applied some powder and mascara, and then packed my basket for work. in my basket, i packed my: wallet, keys, lunch, green cardigan, flower mug, spectacles, cell phone, dark lip balm, and minty lip gloss. 

during my ride through riverside park on my way to work, i spotted a trio of puli dogs and thought, before i saw those puli dogs, it would have been nearly impossible for the day to get better. and then i saw the puli dogs and it did! i smiled and continued on to work, where i enjoyed a lovely lunch with a few of my very favorite people. for lunch i had: quinoa with flax seeds and vegetables, whole grain crackers with a rag tag homemade version of zingerman's carrot top spread, and a tangerine. it was delightful. as was my day at work. as was my time spent with my people after work. as was now. 

as was... now.



Dancing Branflake said...

Yay for happy days! You have found the pleasure in all things.

Miss Cortni said...

your blog is so inspiring and beautiful. the life is see you lead in this post that you made is nearly identical to the one i want when i get older. love love love! i'm following now :) please, make more posts like this in the near future!!
care to check out my blog? <3

la petite coquine said...

This made me smile.

A.Mahwish said...

Sounds some what my day/weekend! =)

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