Wednesday, September 21, 2011

brooklyn star

last night i had a yummy dinner 
with an amazing group of people
in a beautiful and spacious and acoustically friendly room.
it was so joyful!
too often in restaurants in this city, i go bonkers over feeling like my personal space bubble has been popped or like i have to yell to be heard... 
and in those cases, i might as well just have a plate of poo in front of me.
but last night, it was like being back home, where elbow room exists and conversation quality can reach a good height. 
oh it was so great. 
and the food was wonderful, too!
when donny said fried chicken dinner i thought better bike a million miles this week but with all of the delicious sweet/sour pickles, green beans {which may have been soaked in aminal fat?} and watermelons to even out the heaviness of the mac and cheese, cornbread, and chickens, 
i felt like a good $500,000 bucks afterwards. 
it's experience meals like these that fill my happy bank and then some.


Sara Szatmary said...

mmmm not much better than a southern-style meal!

la petite coquine said...

This meal looks amazing. Almost amazing enough to make me eat lunch twice.

kitten roar said...

i'm blaming you for forcing me to drool all over my computer and breaking it :| this all looks so delicious and i am even more excited now to travel down to Tennessee for thanksgiving to get in on this delicious southern foodie stuff.

bethani said...

mmmm they looks absolutely delicious and amazing! but being from the south, anything that unhealthy makes me drool..

Katie said...

This sounds amazing! Exactly like my kind of place. And now I'm really hungry.

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