Friday, September 30, 2011

& honey

mum and i did apple picking in preparation for making
apple donuts,
apple jelly,
caramel apples,
i don't know if this was allowed, but we ate a few apples fresh from the tree. and they were the yummiest, crispiest, sweetest apples i ever had. if i go to jail for that, it will have been worth it. 


Sara Szatmary said...

Gorgeous photos doll! That class is really paying off!

Anonymous said...

how fun!!! where do you go apple picking?

Becca said...

oh my goodness mol. LOVE these photos.
and the apples look so delicious and crisp!

sara said...

great photos!
i've never been apple picking. i don't think there's a single apple tree on this province! (except the sour crabapples!)

the southern hostess said...

So fun! I love your photos!

Lottie said...

Love the photos and I was helping pick apples this weekend...more like cheering them on than doing any picking of my own, but I like to think it was helpful.

bethani said...

oo i wish we had an apple picking place in DFW. I've never been and would love to add it to the things experienced in my life..

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