Wednesday, September 14, 2011

lovers reunited

a summer without the schnitzel truck
is like anything without mustard.
it is a little scary and i never want to do it again.
we finally reunited yesterday and i got something newish: 
eggplant schnitzel 
with spicy mayo 
and we embraced each other i ate it on the high line.
which was perfect, because the high line has great benches, and enough of them*
*one day i'll discuss my extensive knowledge of benches, because i have one. 
my mom can attest to it. 
and can i confess something? before that i'd never had eggplant.
well, maybe i have and it was mixed with something and i just didn't know it. 
but this was the first time i ordered an eggplant-focused thing
and it was so great! 
and not just because animal babies weren't killed in the process,
but also because it had a sweet yummy taste and a new texture i've never before met in a schnitzel.
schnitzel truck, i missed you so much omg

p.s. on the subject of schnitzel {story of my life}: here is a little piece i wrote about a new israeli schnitzel place that is launching this weekend


Sara Szatmary said...

You look so happy!! Glad that you and schnitzel are back together once more.

la petite coquine said...

Horray for the schnitzel! I will admit to also never having eaten eggplant-sounds like I've been foolishly missing out!

Dancing Branflake said...

I always want to try one after your posts. And I do love eggplant. It's so good!

nancy said...

you have an awesome smile dudette! very happy :)
and I LOVE eggplant schnitzel! but I've never had me one in a sandwich before!!! must try.

Brittany said...

every time I watch that truck show on the food network I think of you!

I just thought you should know that!


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