Monday, September 19, 2011

scarves + schnitzels

i'm not actually convinced that fall is here for good yet.
it came quite abruptly, no?
either way, i acted like fall this weekend.
i put on my big fat scarf and rode around town...
i swung by the hester street fair to eat a sweet onion schnitzel,
made a mental note to make punkin bread this week,
and observed the leaves for signs of color-changing. none yet!

and then i rode off to long island city for my first trip to p.s. 1,
which was disappointing because i actually think that 
i'm one of those dumb people who the smart visual art people 
look down upon for not understanding their work. 
so i rode to greenpoint and ate a peter pan donut... 
and then made some art of my own 
with wood shapes and things i found on the ground.
i also watered some plants, 
ate a pancake, 
and played around with silly camera settings...
and did a very unfall thing by way of 
trying a million zillion flavors of frozen yogurt at sixteen handles.
it was pretty much the perfect weekend.
except for when i had to cough every five seconds during a 30 minute babbitt piece at greg's recital. which is a lot of having to cough, and a lot of fearing to be that person that coughs during the babbitt. 
but who needs cough drops when you have the corner taco truck.


Dancing Branflake said...

Ha! Sometimes I go to museums and just go "I really don't get it!" Yummy frozen yogurt!

Sara Szatmary said...

Fat scarves are my absolute favorite thing about colder weather. Love yours!

la petite coquine said...

That does sound like a perfect weekend! Summer is starting (and probably ending this week) in SF, so I'm dreaming of pumpkin bread and changing leaves. I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

Miss Cortni said...

cute pictures! looks like you had fun :)

- <3

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