Thursday, September 15, 2011


{my silly mum! who has a wicked mac and cheese recipe} something i wish i observed more often.
on fridays i could come home from work,
prepare a yummy meal,
then have all of my humans over for yummies, laughings, & good conversation.
it would last well into the nighttime, but time wouldn't exist.
on saturdays, i'd go for a walk,
or read some cookbooks.
perhaps i'd even take a nap.
maybe it'll happen... oh just maybe,
 when my list of museums and markets to go to on a saturday dwindles. 
anyways. yesterday, i had a piece posted on the forward's blog about my favorite shabbats {which were at camp} go read it!



Sara Szatmary said...

sounds like such a great time!

Anonymous said...

Miss Yeh, I love your blog and your approach to life but you make me squee when you give shout outs to your no doubt proud parents. I hope my kids grow up to pursue their passions as you so clearly do and think their dad is cool enough to keep in the mix.

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