Thursday, October 13, 2011


{schnitzel, last year}
halloween is but 18 days away, and i haven't got a clue what i'm going to be. verklempt is an understatement. it's time to get serious. here are options i'm considering {tell me if they're stupid or not}:
zenon, girl of the twenty first century i sort of just got rid of magenta spandex though. damn.
girl with the pearl earring 
stoop i've acquired enough of her clothings for it to be easy peasy. but probably no one would get it.
bill cunningham i mean i have the bike, camera, and blue jacket. but getting the bike into buildings might be a hassle.
a teddybear 
a turtle
a doofusbrain
violet beauregarde?
this is tough. good costumes in my life usually reflect something that i obsess over. schnitzel. a xylophone mallet. what do i obsess over now that i haven't yet dressed up as? my bike, satyagraha, the internet, caramel. i like aliens. how about that? mustard. maybe. it would have to be, like, cilantro absinthe manhattan rooftop honey mustard or something like that because being yellow mustard is about as common as being a power ranger when you're six. 
i wonder if mason jars come in adult human size. 


sharlyn emily said...


Sara Szatmary said...

I vote violet beauregarde. I want to see how you pull that off.

la petite coquine said...

I really like Violet Beauregarde. Also, I think I may be a flamingo, and I feel like you're one of the few people who would enjoy that as much as I do.

Regan said...

Hahaha your so funny! Tough desicion!

Miss Cortni said...

i was an avatar last year with a bunch of friends. the blue face paint was still on all of us the next day at school - it wouldn't come off! haha :)

oh and i'm sorry i haven't been in the blogging scene for the past week (it's been nearly 10 days *gasp*) but please remember that i have not forgotten my blog nor my followers and i'll do everything i can to maintain my blog and college.. and boys (tee hee) this year as well as i can! :)

- <3

Lottie said...

I was talking about this with friends just a couple of days is so tough especially to be something original that everyone gets.

I agree with Sharlyn...please with the internet! I would love to see what this looks like personified!

Jody said...

Geez...sounds like you are in a JAM!...get it?

walking dot photography said...

Yeeeees, I totally vote for violet beauregarde, too! That sounds like a fun one to pull off! :)

Charlotte said...

You should be sushi again! I thought that was really cute.

If you want something new, Girl With a Pearl Earring gets my vote. Sounds classy.

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