Sunday, October 16, 2011

happy birthday, mum!

dear mum:
even though my recent influx of grey hairs is all thanks to you,
i still love you...
because yesterday you suggested that i should be rosemary for halloween,
and then said that i shouldn't because it might look too much like marijuana...
and also because when i tell you that we are going to pick out each other's toe nail colors and i choose neon orange, you are nice and choose a pretty pink.
oh. what jingles on my desk?
a telephone text: hey! it's my birfday! you say. hehe.
it appears i got my impatience from you, too!
i suppose, though, i am quite alright with turning into you...
because you are silly and happy and love what you do,
and because you make the baddest boozey brownies on the planet.
happy birthday, mama!!!!! 
i love you!!!


Anonymous said...

yay!!! we have the best mama evAaaaa!!!!

Ashley said...

happy birthday to your mama!

Becca said...

oh man, how fun is this?

happy birthday, molly's mom!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwww...auntie says....awwwwwww

Sweet...loving...and true.

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