Thursday, November 17, 2011

shameless loves, by lottie

things that lottie loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1.  spending hours huddled in my bed reading my book, even though it is nowhere near bedtime
2.  being addicted to hot chocolate and there being more cream and marshmallows than hot chocolate in my mug
3.  wearing my husband's jumpers with my jeans, if anyone asks i say the boyfriend look is so in right now but really it is just because they are so cosy and baggy
4.  wasting hours and hours watching all the harry potter dvds after each other...i can't wait for the final one
5.  singing really badly at the top of my lungs and changing the words and the tune...i like to think i am making it my own but really it's because i forgot them
6.  looking at the reflection of my new boots in anything: they are just so pretty
7.  hiding the pile of paperwork that has been collecting on my desk because i can't be bothered to file one will ever know.

thank you, lottie!
and a very happy no shame november to you!



lowercase letters said...

love me some rainboots.<3

Dancing Branflake said...

Ha! We're like the same person! I adore those boots like none other!

Mackenzie said...

AMEN. i am so with you on the grandmotherly reading of the afternoon. no shame!

kitten roar said...

for some reason, i am all of a sudden all about hot chocolate. at work, i always manage to con the baristas into making me a hot chocolate with EXTRA vanilla whipped cream on top :)

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