Saturday, December 31, 2011

the best things i ate in 2011

tapas in barcelona, sugar coated pork buns in hong kong,
crickets in bushwick, camp food...
my belly is full after this year.
though i've yet to train myself to really enjoy mushrooms and seafood, i'd say this year was pretty successful, tastily speaking.
here are some of the highlights {in no particular order except
the fried green tomatoes should probably be at the top no
matter what}:
fried green tomatoes at sel de mer {williamsburg}
literally, marry me.
brussel sprouts
i can't believe these weren't in my life before this year.
everywhere i had them, they were so yum: swimming in mustard at
with spätzle at ditch plains, fried at rye...
maybe i'll be one for halloween.
chocolate chip cookie from birdbath {manhattan}
i don't know. there are unicorn tears sprinkled on these things
or something. but you taste one and you're confused because
how can a thin cookie be like that.
the fried mac + cheese i made for the violet
i am naughty for being so wasteful and forcing
myself to throw most of them away.
but it was for my own good because self-control
goes out the window when these are in house.
brioche + ricotta at blue hill at stone barns {the stix, ny}
pretty much everything at blue hill was the best thing i 
ever ate. but the brioche and ricotta is what i dream
about regularly.
crispy duck + maraschino cherry salad at torrisi {manhattan} 
i never thought i'd have a salad on this list,
but there it is. the duck was perfectly salty and crispy,
and the cherries were like candy.
stuffing in the summer camp cafeteria {the stix, ny}
if there was one reason why my taste buds didn't up and jump
into the lake this summer, it was because of the one day a week
that we got stuffing. on these days i commandeered the entire bowl
and ate enough stuffing for my entire bunk.
steak buns at crystal jade {hong kong}
mind blowing and yes, i'd go back to hk just for these.
sugar coated pork buns at tim ho wan {hong kong}
shockingly good. like a barbecue pork donut.
sesame gelato from xtc {hong kong}
this not-too-sweet gelato was packed with full
black sesame seeds. smokey and amazing.
a ladies lunch at paco meralgo {barcelona}
there is no one dish that i salivate about {although
the fried spring onions were damn good},
but the company + conversation + ambiance
made this one of the best meals of 2011.
quiche at cours saleya {nice}
there is just something about romping around old nice
and chomping on a homey farmer's market quiche
that is so giggle-worthy.
apples and apple cider donuts at all seasons apple orchard {illinois}
an apple straight from the tree,
in fall,
with mum.
yes, please!
and melt-in-your-mouth donuts made from them? uh huh.
crab donuts at hurricane club
i know, what was i doing at hurricane club?
but someone make more savory donuts.
breakfast sandwich at m. wells {r.i.p.}
my birthday breakfast is regularly a big fat breakfast sandwich.
i didn't have this on my birthday, but it might as well have been.
it was so fat and doughy and amazing. too bad m. wells went byebye.
dinner at home restaurant
squash ravioli, perfect spiced cider, cozy seats... fall in a meal.
liddabit's beer + pretzel caramels
salty, crunchy, chewy, sticky. addictive.
hey, dentist.
this is all making me want to steer my 
new year's resolution towards the gym,
or fresh vegetables.

what's the best thing you ate this year?? 


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

under the hanukkah bush

happy end of hanukkah everyone!
{or sad end of hanukkah}
harry was good to me...
he brought me a healthy amount of new mustards,
including one with saffron and one with truffle,
both in stylish tubes.
but do you know how painful it is to restrain from eating them
so i can ship them back to myself in new york?
really, really.

Monday, December 26, 2011

the annual dumplings of the world festival

the festival started at sunrise,
with a bacon + egg + gruyère version of these cornish pasties.
from there it was uphill into a mess of doughy outrageousness.
the barbecue carrot buns,
spätzle + brussel sprouts,
and samosas
were the tastiest.
and after those i vowed never to eat anything every again...
until the pierogi came out and all bets were off.
accompanied by marshmallow peppermint martinis?
oh yes, please.
repeat that last step until we realize that 
we've completely forgotten about the black sesame mochi. oops!
oh but it was a very successful festival indeed...
complete with four puppy sous chefs,
old ice skating videos,
and stoopie's face breaking out in a glorious rash!
{but p.s. utter the words "soup dumpling" and i might vom.}

Sunday, December 25, 2011

meet the gingers.

 they are a very stylish family!
they reside in milwaukee. 
 esther and sima are mrs. and mrs. ginger.
esther is a cantonese translator and sima is a stay-at-home cookie.
 zoe is their oldest female-bodied offspring.
he is an expert yoga practitioner and a hoarder.
 j.j. and peter were adopted from canada.
they are twins.
 ...i think
 marla is tanning off her weight.
and soo young is the baby,
 and also an aspiring rabbi. 

they wish you a happy christmas!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

hey, yehs!

an ann sather cinnamon roll,
lou malnati's deep dish,
dim sum,
and mum's famous sesame noodles...
are all in my belly.
yes, i am home!
prep for the annual dumpling festival is well on its way,
and holy moly is it gonna be good this year.
also, santy clause better get ready because
he is getting some tasty treats tonight.

{p.s. the meringues in that photo are marzipan meringues. i used this recipe but added almond extract and substituted the chocolate chips and walnuts for little marzipan nuggets. so much yum.}

Thursday, December 22, 2011

soup dumplings.

check out this little video where i teach you how to make soup dumplings!

{family: pay attention, you will get quizzed on this 
at the dumpling festival this weekend}


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

this morning

this morning i sat in my cozy room,
listened to ane brun,
and made holiday cards.
then it occurred to me: is giving someone {that's not your mom} 
a homemade card instead of a present better or worse 
than making a tax-deductable donation in someone's name 
instead of a present?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

park güell

if ever i want to laugh until i'm about to pee,
i think back to that time when maria, hannah, and i
visited park güell, in barcelona.
perhaps, on this gloomysome new york day,
i will pack a bit of this silliness in my bag and be off to work.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

marzipan cookies, trombones, etc.

yesterday included two of my favorite holiday things:
marzipan cookies and the annual trombone choir holiday performance.
and then i got to experience my very first office holiday party!
it had sushi, so i was impressed. but more importantly it had pigs in blankets {!!!} and fried mac and cheese. i would have spent even more time by the pigs and blankets, but there was no mustard, so i felt a little awkward. 
my marzipan cookies were a success, methinks. i basically used this recipe {minus the peanut butter, with a little more real butter in its place, and with a little almond extract} and then i added a thin layer of marzipan over the top. oh, they were scrumptious! i am really enjoying this #mollymariamarzipanfestival
{i am also enjoying my new hand mixer. 
i feel as though i can conquer the world now.}
p.s. you should all go see new dances
it is the most fun dance performance i ever seen.
p.p.s. the we bought a zoo soundtrack is what's playing right now
 and i recommend you play it too.
yay, trombones!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

shameless loves, by cliff

things that cliff loves
{but really probably shouldn't}
1. putting the tv on mute and adding my own words to television shows and commercials...not gonna lie, the dialogue i make up is extra vulgar and out of pocket, but it's pretty funny ( me at least)
2. reading and watching anything anthony bourdain is a participant of/in.... i swear i wish that man was my uncle
3. listening to the jackson 5 christmas album anytime of the year.... yes i know it might be july and 80 degrees outside, and i'm singing "have yourself a merry little christmas" in 9-year old michael jackson falsetto....don't judge me.
4. judging restaurants by the type of lemonade they serve...
5. eating peanut butter cookies ONLY if they have criss-cross fork marks in them...
6. looking up old clips of michael jordan from the 90's....he was so great!
7. rooting against the detroit lions every sunday. i was a die-hard fan back in the day, but when barry sanders retired, the team broke my heart.
8. randomly singing cannonball adderley solos note-for-note
9. habitually lifting my feet when i'm in car crossing train tracks...even if i'm driving. in 3rd grade, my best friend told me that the devil lives on the train tracks and will try to grab your leg and drag you to hell when you drive past. it has messed me up ever since, haha...
10. RED. LOBSTER. BISCUITS. ....that is all.

thank you, cliff!!!!!!
and a very happy no shame december to you!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

marzipan doughnuts

if ever you feel pooey and don't want to go to work, you should.
because there might be two marzipan doughnuts from your
favorite maria sitting happily on your desk.
and they will be festive and tasty and squeal-inducing.
#mollymariamarzipanfestival has officially begun.

Monday, December 12, 2011


when what you've eaten for a weekend has consisted of three lenny's bagels, a frozen tofu burrito, and a slice of koronet pizza, it is only appropriate to top it all off with a schnitzel,
as you enjoy the corner of the universe that can take down any suburban christmas-crapped lawn in a battle of i have more ridiculous christmas shit than you...
actually, this just occurred to me: does anyone remember that 90s kidsongs show or whatever where the kids shrink and then ride an ornament {or a sleigh} into the insides of a christmas tree?
well, i do, and that's exactly how it felt.  
justit h8ed it. 
but that's what happens when you're 100% vegetarian in a german restaurant.
i thought it was deeeelicious! the spaetzle nubbins were big and doughy and buttery, just how i like em. and the paprika sauce is exactly like kuhn's, in illinois. it made me even more excited to go home for the holidays and have a mum and me schnitzel. 
the schnitzel {i got chickens} was yummy. maybe not yummy enough to come here when it isn't christmas time, but still tasty.
this is what happens with a slow shutter speed and the ability to turn your head on the axis of your left eye. idk.
anyways, i am realllly into the christmas vibe right now.
my schedule is color coded with christmas colors,
my tree is doing mighty fine,
and oh yeah i'm jewish.

Friday, December 9, 2011

shameless loves, by feifei

{lou mal's, f yeah!}
things that feifei loves
{but really probably shouldn't}

1. using my baby sisters as an excuse to buy ice cream
2. rekindling my love for mcdonald's
3. using christmas and thanksgiving as excuses for trying and buying wine.
4. buying coffee in the morning even though there's free coffee brewing at work.
5. "forgetting" my packed lunch so i'd "have to" get lou malnati's for lunch.
6. fangirling about klaine
7. watching hulu every night instead of getting 6 hours of sleep
8. wearing my ravenclaw hat every day...and don't take it off until i'm in my office.
9. geeking out and being too enthusiastic at work
10. buying a new wardrobe for my trip to europe just so I won't get judged for "dressing american"

thank you, feifei!!!!!
who says you can't celebrate no shame december?


Thursday, December 8, 2011

where mustard belongs

this is a menu from a brat restaurant in hong kong.
notice how their are no mustards under "condiments,"
but rather they are in an elite little group 
under a separate title. 
oh boy this really cheers a girl up on a drizzly day.
i have been lacking in the mustard department of my life.
which is not as bad as, say, lacking in the family or the work
department. but everyone needs balance, you know?
my 94% vegetarianism has made a comeback since returning
from hk, and the 6% is strictly devoted to taste testing
soup dumplings for a story i am writing about them.
{i know, i lied when i said i was never going to eat dumplings
again. i am a dirty liar. there are 30 freshly made dumplings
in my kitchen right now.} and i'll be the first to admit that
dumplings and my lunches of brown rice and veggies are not
a mustard's best friend, unless it's the spicy chinese one.
and even before that, i found myself continuously returning
to the same mustard. i felt bad, like i was choosing a favorite
child. but it became a comfort mustard and i stuck with it.
i wonder what it means.
i think your girl needs mustard therapy.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

honk honk sugar

one day i will stop pretending like life after hong kong
doesn't exist. but today is not that day. today i am dreaming
of black sesame gelato that is rich but not too sweet,
that is a little bit smokey and filled with full black sesame seeds,
and that makes you pray you won't immediately run into maestro or your kindergarten best friend and her entire family {that actually might have happened} before you have time to floss, 
lest you have a massive black speck in your teeth.
...and i am also reminiscing over the egg custards 
that cost the equivalent of about 50 cents,
that i ate on a boat. that were extremely eggy tasting.
and, of course, the little cake from ms. b's that was 
worth every bit of the embarrassing amount that i spent on it.
{it is not every day that a boutique cake shop has a vertical 
garden on the exterior.}
the sweets that i ate in honk honk were never too sweet.
they always kept their distinct flavor.
even their 16 handles equivalent {where i got 
blueberry mochi on black sesame, almond, and taro yogurt}
kept it's tasty integrity. 
it was subtle... and fascinating...

sweet places i lurved:
xtc gelato: marry me, black sesame gelato
australia dairy company: sweet warm {almondy??} egg custard
ms. b's cakery: go, if even just to look and drool

glasses usa

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Monday, December 5, 2011

shameless loves, by bethani

things that bethani loves
{but really probably shouldn't}
1. enjoying a cup of sleepytime tea anytime of day. even for breakfast. 
2. feeling & acting like i’m at a nightclub while jamming out to lmfao’s party rock cd in the car
3. already making a christmas décor plan.  i mean paper chains don’t make themselves.
4. eating anything that contains peppermint, just because it makes it feel like christmas is coming quicker.
5. feeling like a total nerd when buying armloads of used books at the bookstore.
6. laughing hysterically while watching the cats chase the laser pointer. it never gets old.
7. watching countless reruns of criminal minds.
8. wearing my loafers every day. even if they don’t really go with my outfit.
9. putting flavored lipgloss on just to lick it off.  
10. hoping and praying for more snow this winter. Please oh please!

thank you, bethani!
who says you can't celebrate no shame december?

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