Thursday, January 27, 2011

little lunches

 little lunch #2
clockwise from top left: fuji apple, mustards, smokey gouda, ciabatta, cutter, apple champagne {?} chicken wiener, carrots, an itsy bitsy nutella
 little lunch #1
clockwise from top left: a medium-well boiled egg, grammy smith apple, milka dark chocolate, the necessary utensils, ciabatta, mystery jam that was not the original jam that came in that little jar, a single-use wheel of brie.
not pictured: the little salt packet for my egg. simply not photogenic.
when i brought little lunch #1 to school,
someone said your lunch is like a picnic
and i said so?
and then another person said all of molly's life is a picnic!
and i didn't know whether to take that positively or negatively so i took it positively 
and then brought little lunch #2 to school,
and one of my friends who has a british accent looked at my satchel and said shouldn't we be in another eera roit now?
and then someone else said my boyfriend is jealous of your lunch.
and then maria said can i have some nutella?
and i said yes.
because picnics are for sharing and happy time.
i've also had various variations on little lunches #1 and #2. 
two of them included some prosciutto, which, even though it is red meat, i ate anyways because it was a gift. 
and prosciutto is a really good gift, you know.
in another eera, i will have a bit of wine to complete my little lunches. but as of now, twelve tone rows and city noir are best learned sober, most likely. 

more photos of lunches to come...


Sunday, January 23, 2011

i'm on a diet.

well, no, that's not entirely true: 
my wallet is. 
and so i have decided to make things in my kitchen now that i can eat. 
however, this in effect has caused me to not eat like poo for the past few days because the nutrition facts on things at the food store can really scare a girl away. 
not only that, but also
there is a song on my upcoming recital that requires the performer to be a little bit nudy. 
{of course, i will not be inappropriately so, but still}
...and so for the next few months, fried foods* and pigs and cows will not be in my eating repertoire.
*the exception, of course, is my weekly thursday schnitzel
so i guess i am on a diet. 
which is annoying because i really want a scotch egg.
learning to make food will be good for me though. 
because when people ask,
do you cook?
i think yes. when i am at home, i stand in the kitchen, and talk to my mom who is doing god knows what and then magically there is something new and cool to eat on the table!
but i say no :-(, lest they invite themselves over for a meal.
so here are the things that i have learned to make recently, and their respective recipes:

polenta and turkey bolognese: open up the polenta tube, slice it, pour over trader joe's turkey bolognese, bake it.
little potatoes: put olive oil, salt, and pepper on little potatoes. bake them.
gingerbread: follow the directions on the box! i like this one.
medium boiled egg: poke a little hole in the bottom of an egg and place it in an egg maker, add the right amount of water to the egg maker, turn on the egg maker {set it and forget it}

ok. that is round one. maybe in a few days i'll show you pictures of my little lunches. they soooo cute.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snowday sandwich

courtesy of kyle zerna
*this is a picture of not a snowday sandwich

one (1) piece of oscar meyer bologna
white wonderbread
1 cup of mayonnaise 

put some lettuce in hot water, doesn't need to be boiling. take lettuce out of hot water, and put on bread. microwave the piece of bologna for 10 seconds and then put on top of lettuce. put mayonnaise (may use more than directed) on top of bologna, and then put the other bread on top and press very firmly. may be enjoyed with room temperature chocolate milk with an ice cube in it.

{special thanks to kyle}


Monday, January 10, 2011

and then evan got inside the hole and, and

played beethoven.
see it at the moma now
because today is the last day and it so so rad!!!
don't get in his way though. he moves.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

what a winter break should be,

 a shekere the size of, like, two and a half watermelons,
the iron maiden at kuma's corner [avocado, pepper jack, peppers, chipotle mayo, ten ounces of juicy dead, on a pretzel roll... side salad]
those and that,
dim sum//and then sum,
bánh mì x 5
a couch with my butt on it for many and many hours straight it was insaneeeee,
romeo and juliet two ways: sergei and letters to...
underwear shoppin,
some hella tight levain knock-offs with this recipe,
the ryan adams version of wonderwall,
and, lastly,
charcuterie plates that will make you only want charcuterie in
your life, more and more. 


p.s. also and embarrassingly: gossip girl season 3

Monday, January 3, 2011

restaurant challenge: complete

things i learned, 
things i ate, 
and answers to questions that you probably didn't have {but my mom did}
1. cocks comb is gross, 
so is jelly fishies, 
and shrimps, 
but truffles rock.
2. hot dogs and mac and cheese and schnitzel 
still reign supreme on my list of most favorite foods. 
3. more restaurants should have a menu option that reads something along the lines of,
don't worry about ordering...just sit down and let us bring you food
4. what were your favorite meals?
the ones with a lot of my favorite people and a lot of time 
and a lot of booze:
terroir, piccolo angolo, alinea, to name a few...
and then there were the ones that i was completely obliterated for, 
those were fun! 
5. ok, but food-wise, which were your faves?
i have dreams about the breslin
and i've been back to kesté like a zillion trillion times
and the black label burger at minetta tavern really was worth an arm and an eye ball
and baohaus...oh there are simply too many... 
my favorites were all comfy foods 
{but i did really love momofuku ko, and was astounded by alinea}
additionally, some of the best things i ate this year weren't part of restaurant challenge. 
they were: 
the banh mi at fatty 'cue {photos were kidnapped!}, 
the hot sauce and honey butter chicken biscuit from the pies n thighs booth at the columbus circle holiday market, 
and, of course, 
my 3,000 chicken schnitzel schnitzel truck sandwiches {happy birthday, oleg!}
 6. things i ate for the first time:
cock's comb*, shrimpies*, truffles, fluke, sea bass, venison, duck, lamb, bunny rabbit, manta ray, caviar, salsify, rutabaga, liver, tongue, pickles, bone marrow, foie gras, turnip, tuna, quail egg, short ribs, goat, piggie face, mussels*, squid*, bitter melons*, eel*, seitan*, tempeh*, beets... ok i'm getting embarrassed. 
7. did you get chubbier?
no. look at this graph i drew that charts my weight:
 see?! i broke even!
8. r.i.p. canteen 82 and xiao ye
9. how are you not poor?
well, my computer is about to combust, 
my phone screen is shattered, 
and i don't love marc jacobs like i used to, 
if that says anything... 
it was just all about priorities and work study money, 
and also winning free schnitzels.
10. whatchu gonna do now that it's over?
not be that girl that takes pictures with her food. 
oy vay i got so sick of that. 
and also i won't feel stressed on saturdays to squeeze in the restaurant for that week. 2011, i might master the art of the tv dinner or something.
or think of another little project, like, 52 dog butts 52 weeks. 
i love dog butts. they so cute. 

bye bye, restaurant challenge!! 



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