Thursday, March 31, 2011

the little cookie that could. and would.

sometimes my favorite part about living in new york is that it is a bolt bus away from massachusetts. meaning, acquiring a hi rise bread company little sandwich cookie is all the easier. because sometimes the only thing that will soothe your vibraphone-laced worries is some rich chocolate-y crumbly but not crunchy melts in your mouth not in your hand filled with just enough creme that doesn't ooze out all at once with the first bite because that's annoying and common with this type of thing incredibleness. 
i've had this cookie three {3} times in my life:
1. i was a junior in high school, on college visits with my daddy, and wearing turquoise spandex. we sat up stairs, my dad had soup.
2. i was a senior in high school, it was my birthday, and i was with my mum. later that day i had a red velvet cake.
3. it was last sunday and the day was extremely crisp. hammer and i were killing time before his audition by winklevoss hunting in harvard square. and that takes a lot out of you, so we needed a little sandwich cookie break. and then hammer won his audition. thanks, cookie!

it's a significant, happy cookie and i highly recommend that you get one right now. 


Sunday, March 27, 2011

did: barcelona

1. sagrada família. not just another church. the price of admission tells you so.
2. what is best about barcelona: roxan! 
3. inside the sagrada família, which is what your geometry teacher wanted you to see. it is really very cool. one of the most cool churches.
4. hannah @ the parc güell
5. so much gaudí it is like cindy loo hoo world. 
6. a pet!
not pictured: la boqueria, a discotheque or two, the black onesies that maria and i purchased 

barcelona is a fantasyland. not just because it is on the water and roxan lives there and food comes out on itsy bitsy plates, but also because the buildings are as if they were pulled right out of that little village- yes, whoville, in how the grinch stole christmas the movie. there are wee little winding streets and buildings that look melty {those are the gaudí ones} and in the streets you may come across a coffee shop with good yogurt or one of those pedicure places with the skin-eating fish. additionally, i don't know that i've ever met nicer people... for in our rush to the airport, a taxi driver who did not take credit card got out of his taxi and waved down more taxis until he found one that did take card. and that was just one instance. yes, i could get used to this. and also, i had a lisp in elementary school, so the pronunciation of certain barcelona words need not be an issue. 

there were too many things to do, in the way of tourism, to accomplish in our short time there. which means one and only one thing: time to go back!


touristy things that i did that i would recommend. in the order of most recommended to least recommended:
parc güell: it is super neat-o, and free. there is a little museum on the grounds that has a small entrance fee which is cool, but not life-changing.
la boqueria: there are butchered parts of animals that i had never seen before and scared me some. but the part with the sausages was  tasty.
the street with all the gaudí: i don't know if it has an official name.
sagrada família: i had beef with how expensive it was to get in. but there is an exhibit to the side which shows you that gaudí's structures aren't just circles but melty- there was actually real thought and geometry that went into constructing them. 
picasso museum: really great. but i would have appreciated it more if i had done more research about his work before hand. and also if i wasn't famished for a ham sandwich. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


1. the symbol of world domination.
2. mister culverlake, playing hookie from work...
3. check out all those schnitzels
4. schnitzel store's first two customers being anxious because it was 10:30am and we hadn't had our morning schnitzel yet. which is like a million times worse than it being 10:30am and not having your morning coffee yet, fyi.
5. food trucks, sticking 2gether.
6. the first schnitz sandwich. with cranberry compote. omg.

the mothership has landed. and it's on 3rd avenue between 45th and 46th. and it plays good head bopping music and it has little schnitzel nuggets for your salad. it is amazing. it is like a little clubhouse for schnitzel lovers. oh this is the most exciting thing ever and i am so proud of my schnitzel truck friends :-) 

errybody, go there now!!


p.s. don't worry, the truck will still be making its rounds!

et: barcelona

1. a spicy meatball thing at paco meralgo
2. hannah! eating a seafoodie
3. hannah and maria made me try a seafood. i don't remember what one it was but it made me cringe and want to vom.
4. the first of many tapas meals, at a place on las ramblas whose name escapes me
5. maria's new monocle
6. sandwich on a stick

omg tapas. our two loveliest meals in europe were in barcelona, and they were tapas. {is that correct? do you say they were tapas or they were in the style of tapas or they were tapas-y?}. the first was at paco meralgo. the object of chris' insanely adorable guest post months ago. it was perfect. unpretentious, friendly, sunny, pretty, yummy, so yummysagria-y. just the right thing for our little ladies lunch. the best were these fried onion things that had a special name and were a specialty of barcelona and came with a special sauce. and it was kind of one of those things where there is life before and life after, and so naturally i have no idea what they were called. lest i ever be able to have them again. stupid idiot. 

the second of the lovely meals was at la vinateria del call, in the gothic quarter. and it is inside of an old brothel! this is where we ate our last dinner in europe, so everything the waiter recommended it was like, yes, we'll take two. and the thing that floored me most was the blood sausage. it was good enough to make a lover out of one of those people who are like ew blood sausage there is blood in it gross. {i know because i sort of was one}. it was just so smokey and ricey and amazing. the tortilla extravasampler with zucchini and tato and pepper tortillas was also good, as were the croquettes, and cheeses, and wienees, and house made fig ice cream and so many other things. and being in there was like being in someone's dark and cozy basement where everyone in there is your favorite. it was so great.

aside from the tapas experience, it was mostly ibérico ham sammiches {ohhh that's where all my euros went}. because
the life is this: returning from the discotheque @ 5h30 and having jamón ibérico on white bread.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

did: nice

1. wandering around old nice {what we did most of the time}
2. lookin at carousels, but not riding.
3. waterfront strolling.
4. beaucoup de musées!

also: lying on the beach, napping on the beach, bike riding along the beach, bike riding through clean-up men blowing the confetti from the parade that we missed while we were napping on the beach into our paths, perusing the supermarché, purchasing my latest eau de toilette {in vanille}, practicing my français, and searching for ugly postcards but kind of failing at this because nice is just so not ugly. nice is really very nice. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

cours saleya {nice}

1. you say tomahto? really?
2. savon
3. didn't eat enough of those...
4. my new friend, the lapin!!
5. pretty beta carotenes
6. hot dog bun {except, in france, a saucisson brioche?}
7. fleur

imagine your local green market on crack and acid. give him a french accent and call him gaspard. no. call him the cours saleya. and love it to death because, mes amies, it is totally amazing. the veggies and flowers were fresh and photogenic, the pastries were cheap and unreal, and the mustards! i bought six in one day. a new record. including a violet flavored one which was gross, but props to it for existing. and we met the friendliest bunny! and the saucisson brioche was so scrumptious/snappy/buttery. i want to go back there right now:  i'll acquire a baguette and some jam and take a little lunch to the park... ahhhh j'aime le cours saleya!  


Monday, March 14, 2011

et: nice

1. quiche better than mum's {sorry mum} at the cours saleya.
2. maria's obsession, in warm colors.
3. you can't go to france and not have a crepe, right? right.
4. check out the crust on that baguette, yo.

i'm just gonna give you a list. because what maria and i ate in nice is absolutely the most insane thing in the world ever. ever. over the course of two and a half days we definitely each consumed a mass equivalent to three six-year-olds. and it was all outstanding. and it was all cheap because rather than give into bougey french cuisine, we just walked around the entire time, ducking into markets and patisseries and getting little snackees everywhere we went. ok are you ready? this is what we ate:
approximately 20 macarons, 2 quiches, gelato {in cactus, beer, calisson, almond, pistachio, lychee, pecan, and peach}, a croque monsieur, a croque brie, pain au chocolat, like 4 sandwiches au jambon, pringles au jambon {yeah, ham pringles}, a nutella crepe, a calisson cookie, a burger at the pub, pommes frites + mayo mmmmm, focaccia, socca {a traditional niçoise chickpea pancake that looks like a crepe but tastes like a latke}, an onion pizza thing, baguettes galore with the knock off nutella at the hostile, tarts, eclairs, dinosaurs... you get the idea. 
everything was so insanely good except for the beer gelato. but still. i think i'll move to france.


if you're going to nice, here's a list of places we got food from and liked:
fenocchio: gelato in like ten trillion flavors, including tomato basil, avocado, and that nasty beer... the almond and pistachio were soooo good though.
chez rene socca: this is the place to get a socca, so says the guide books...
picard: it is this space age grocery store that has every food you could ever want {including soup dumplings and macarons and sushi}, but every single thing is frozen. really bizarre and a nightmare if you don't have a microwave. but cool. 
la fougasserie: out of the million macarons that we tried, this place had the best. 
cours saleya: a yummy outdoor market! more on this later...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

did: milan

1. duomo
2. navigli district, where aperitivo happened that night
3. bicycle tee shirt! bicycle tee shirt!!!!!!!
4. being asian
5. browsing shops on via ticinese {for "high end street wear"}

the thing about milan is that if your apartment in new york is a 15 minute bike ride away from 5th avenue, and if you've seen the duomo or something like it, and if you weren't on top of your things enough to order tickets for la scala, the only thing left to do is eat and hang out with sarah. so what we did in milan was not wildly unusual. except when i found my bicycle tee shirt, it was the best day of my life. 


Saturday, March 12, 2011

et: milan

1. carbonara!
2. a trip to the market
3. little lunch for the train//italy's answer to the lunchable!!
4. bruschetta at a little place on via ticinese

how italian girls look like italian girls in a country that lives on cheese and prosciutto is beyond me. it's like they have super powers...can i get some of their genes? really, i felt no pressure to eat all of my vegetables in this country.

even though milan doesn't seem to be a big food city, all of the paninis and breads and stuff from the generic little cafes on every block were absolutely delicious and comforting... 
and the aperitivo!
friend sarah took us to a bar in the navigli district for aperitivo, which is like milan's happy hour, but it is so much happier there because it involves an entire buffet of cheese, ham, focaccia, and butt loads of other things. it actually is too good to be true.

on our second day, cold and rain struck, so maria and i fled to our sanctuary {the supermarket} and got fresh pasta, tomaters, kinder eggs, and other goods to make a big fat italian feast. i made carbonara because it was that type of weather. i don't think they have soup weather in italy, i think there is just carbonara weather. it was amazing! {i attribute that to the fun little pasta shape!}


Friday, March 11, 2011


2. from parc güell in barcelona
3. like the chirping chicken, but niçoise

i am back. jet-lagging to an extreme and missing the pastries and tiny streets. mostly the pastries, and more specifically the quiche. but also the gelato and the million kinds of mustard that i found {maria limited me to bringing back eight, so please take pity on me?} i'll be posting pictures of errything* soon, so sit tight! 
*did you know that one and a half asian tourists equals approximately seven billion pictures?


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