Friday, July 29, 2011

counselors wearing homemade sweatbands

look! look! i'm a fashion blogger now! with the best kind of fashions, of course: the kind you make all on your own at the arts & crafts hut! the arts & crafts hut is my home away from home* away from home** away from home*** away from home****. i go there every day on my hour off and make tons of things. so far i've made three camera straps, a pot holder, some bracelets, ceramic mustard jars, ceramic plates, and lots of ceramic other things. hopefully i will soon find some feathers in the woods with which to make earrings. or maybe the hunting specialty will turn up a bear with which i can make fur earmuffs. kidding. hunting specialty doesn't exist. and if it did i wouldn't use a bear to make earmuffs. unless it was pooh


*the rock wall
**bunk g
***new york

Thursday, July 28, 2011

rainy day

rainy days at camp mean a few extra minutes of sleep, arts & crafts, and some quality time under my sushi blanket with a pen and my moleskine. lots of drawing pictures of all of the goodies that i will make when i finally have a kitchen again and even more writing letters to faraway friends... two days ago when it was really a rainy day, like raining mastiffs and lions, it was soup weathering so hard. to the point of scarves. and guess what? the cafeteria actually had the most amazing soup. there were vegetables and grains and yumminesses galore. it made me so excited for fall when soup weather visits, like, every other day. hehe. 

rainy days at camp have not yet meant shampooing in the rain though. which, as counselor molly, i might have to fix. {try it, really!!}


Monday, July 25, 2011

woodstock, ny

[turn me into a small town girl]
art things and flower pots prettying up the sidewalks,
a curry tofu mango sandwich with peppers, onions, and spice aioli
the weekend farmer's market which also decides to come on wednesdays
bright colors!
cute dresses
a sign for vegan knishes in the taco stand window
comfy-looking people
baked oatmeal for the car ride back
{sufjan stevens for the car ride back}
my new love, the photo exhibit on summer camp at the cpw
a mental note of which b & b to stay at next time...


Friday, July 22, 2011

the mustard article, the mustard article!

the mustard article that i tasted like a bazillion mustards for is out!!! 
and i am so very excited.
it is accompanied by so many beautiful and amazing summery articles in
so go there and read it right now!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

missings & unmissings

maybe these can arrive in my next care packeege? maybe? maybe?
tanglewood :: ravinia :: la jolla summerfest :: etc
==> loebwiches + leonore + counting the little picnic tables
air conditioning
waking to the sweet smell of bread in the oven
the molly mobile
a midwestern accent
fresh herbs, fresh veggies
my people
jo snow soda and kimchi grilled cheese with my people
talking shop {kidding... kind of}
or rather, some things i will definitely miss when i leave
bird calls in the place of taxi rumblies
that it's not weird for 90% of my correspondence to be via snail mail
"i'm smelly, you're smelly too. one more day without a shower is fiiiine."
easy access to a ceramics studio
the lack of technologies
the dining hall stuffing
my new people
devouring all of the cookie cakes from visiting day with my new people


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

costumes & carnival

{1} shut up, inner-vegetarian. 
{2} l-r: salmon roll melissa, veggie roll molly, tuna roll sabrina
{3} but the oompa loompas won the costume contest :-o
{4} best friends
{5} a chilean miner + a blow up thing
{6} missing kenka // a new found love for cotton candy


Monday, July 18, 2011

counselors eating ice cream

to my campers:
when your counselors are not o.d.,
they do not go to the library, or to smooch boys.
they don't do what that terrible shots song tells you to do,
and no you cannot give us money to get you cup noodles from wal-mart.
your counselors are at the ice cream stand.
we're sampling as many flavors as we can,
including cannoli and pistachio and piece of cake!
and we're arguing over the pronunciation of caramel.
which, to all of you east-coasters, it is not kerramel. it is car-mle. 
don't worry about us, we're having a jolly good time. so get on your nintendo devices and lights out is in fifteen minutes!
counselor molly

Saturday, July 16, 2011

the flaky bagel crunch {a step-by-step d.i.y.}

breakfast is really sad here. it's like... plain bagel, cereal, plain bagel, scoop of egg, plain bagel, plain bagel, maybe a scone. if you're not creative, you'll be sadder than the youngest camper the night after visiting day. luckily my co-counselor melissa has introduced me to the flaky bagel crunch, which is giving me so much culinary excitement right now. and it's not just camp good, it's real-life good. i think. it's sweet, texturally complex, and very comforting... so put on the reveille, apply the bug spray and give this a go:
1. after morning line-up, speed walk into the dining hall before your campers get there to claim one of the few bowls of frosted flakes. also, grab a cream cheese and half a bagel {but those aren't as hot a commodity, so don't stress}.
hi, co-counselor melissa!
2. apply the cream cheese to the bagel. and give your bagel a little pinch... you've hit the jackpot if it's pillowy soft. 
3. sprinkle on just enough frosted flakes to make one even layer. 
 4. and...enjoy! prepare yourself for an emotional beating from your campers for eating such a silly thing. combat this by making them one, because they will fall instantly in love. 


Thursday, July 14, 2011

i runned it

in middle school i ran a 14-minute mile and my p.e. teacher laughed at me and instead of being sad about it i accepted that i would never be one of those cool runner track sprinter cross country kids. {it was ok i had marimbas?} the excuses i'd give: my legs are too stumpy, it's so soooo boring, biking is cooler. still i felt a little uneasy about the fact that i'd never run a marathon or be able to have a low maintenance workout, one that didn't necessitate a mat or a wheel. so anyways, i don't know if it's the mountain air or my slow movement towards geezerdom, but i miraculously and rather suddenly love running now and today i proved it by running my very first race!!!! i ran the camp run 4 fun. all 1.8 miles of it. i didn't even come in dead last... i came in second to last! and it was favorite times, number pinned on my belly and everything.

boston marathon, get at me.


Sunday, July 10, 2011


 bugs are not so scary
the pool is not as deep
my legs are really hairy
and this was so not supposed to be a rhyme.
an abundance of snail mail is in my life,
in addition to many popsicles...
waking up early before everyone else is my renewed favorite,
and running isn't totally pooey anymore.
i learned how to make really cool friendship bracelets,
and my supply of clean socks is slowly dwindling.
and unlike undies, turning dirty socks inside out does not an acceptable and wearable garment make. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

life, please give me lemons

surviving in the dining hall as of late has included this sad excuse for my favorite summery pasta. what i do is i hijack the plain noodles {that are at the salad bar for all of the picky eater kids}, pile on the tomatoes, and then shake on almost too much salt and pepper. if i were at home, i'd squeeze a lemon over it and then sprinkle on some freshly harvested basil. but alas lemons don't exist here, and the wall staff herb garden has yet to sprout. life is so tough.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

home + family

i have a new favorite place and it is this little corner of the universe. all day long i tie knots, belay kiddies, save lives, and silly {v.}! after that i can take a zip on the zip line or go on the big giant swing whenever i want! it is the best type of playground. also, i get to hang out with my six new brothers from other mothers. they're the best and they don't even give me a hard time when i make them lift all the heavy ladders. i never want to leave. unless it is for a trip back to the city to eat schnitzel and other real people food.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

look at all these george washingtonz

{when: the highly anticipated day off}
where: the delaware river
{ate: carrots!}
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