Wednesday, August 31, 2011

in memoriam: m. wells

and also: reason for why i am only 99% vegetarian
last week i said hello and goodbye to my new favorite:
m. wells
{which closes today}
forever i will remember the breakfast sandwich and the spaghetti sandwich as two of the tastiest and doughiest sandwiches i ever had. ohh how i fancied their bread! english muffins, soft squishy hamburger buns, squishy squishiness everywhere. j'adore. have you ever had a spaghetti sandwich?? neither had i. essentially, it eliminates the element of feeling awkward when you use your garlic bread as a utensil for spaghetti {that is a common thing, right?}.  
oh and the breakfast sandwich! it is like a giant, puffier, more interesting sausage mcmuffin. and i say that in the best possible way because my last breakfast on earth would include a sausage mcmuffin.
other dishes included: the hamburger. a juicy, yummy one. the tortilla. with shrimpies. hmmm. the egg souffle. which was random. am-i-in-japan random. 
i was sad to see that the classic quebecois dishes they were serving when they first opened weren't on the menu. but that's ok. i guess it had kind of morphed into a superdiner where all sorts of classic diner things and international things were magnified and yummy-/homemade-ified. it was so great and i am so sad that it is gone now.
oh! and this is what it looks like to eat with three extremely awesome food bloggers. eating with brianblondie, and donny was so silly because originally i was planning on finger painting pictures of the food when i got home, but then as each dish came out and no one could touch it until everyone had positioned and photographed it, i felt weird not taking pictures. 
so i did, and there they are.
i would say you should go to m. wells now... but sadly the best you'll be able to do is just think hard enough about the best breakfast sandwich that your imagination can come up with. and maybe, possibly, it will appear. 
frank the bunny-style.  
r.i.p. m. wells!

-yeh :-(

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

up above

an unknown [to me] plant, one of many
goat ricotta, cow ricotta//laced with herbs that grew beside us
my jam!
rhubarb jam
grape jam
apple jelly
an indoor lamp
mist the hurricane is coming! -too late for sunset, oops-
half of a fedora, wine, corn

on 8.25.11 in [east] williamsburg


Monday, August 29, 2011

survival, day two

day two of survival wasn't about survival so much as it was about making the things that i had originally planned on making when the hurricane threatened to trap us all in. which stole away part of the fun. but also fun was waking up, seeing the tree knocked over across the street, and recognizing that that would be the extent of my casualties {and not my bedroom window, nor my stuffed penguin}. 
not to brag, but what i ate yesterday is going to make me never want to eat out again:
cornmeal pancakes with cherry jam
lentil sliders with apricot ginger mustard and avocado {and tomatoes and greens} on whole wheat challah rolls
the cornmeal pancakes were satisfyingly delicious and really clenched that weird craving for corn things i get every so often. they were very vanilla-y, which is probably what separated them from being just plain polenta cakes. i can't wait to make these for my gluten free girl friends {gfgfs}.
the lentil sliders were actually probably one of the best things i've ever eaten ever and i never want to eat anything else again. i had a bunch of lentils sitting around from my lentil mustard dip, so i decided to grind em up and make burger things out of them. and behind every good burger, there is a soft and delicious bun... so enter the whole wheat challah bun. and literally, it was holy shit in a bite. you need to make these because they are amazing {and not to be grandma, but they are rather healthyful, too!}
cornmeal pancakes: this recipe from the times. but- add an egg.
cherry jam: simmer the crap out of cherries + sugar + water + lemon juice
lentil sliders: grind up these: cooked lentils + almonds + pecans. chop up and then add these: jalapenos + onions + peppers. then add these: an egg + water + flour + sesame seeds + flax seeds + curry + paprika + cayenne + salt + pepper + garlic + rosemary + truffle dijon mustard. mix it around, form patties, cook in some olive oil on the stove.
apricot ginger mustard: OK. confession, i didn't make this i got it from my mustard-of-the-month club. it's just that birthing another mustard into my fridge would have been cruel, for neglect purposes. 
whole wheat challah buns: a magical mix of whole wheat flour + white flour + rice milk + sugar + salt + yeast + water + butter + kneading + rising + waiting.  
sorry for how unclear these recipes are, but desperate hurricane times leave no time for measuring.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

survival, day one

what i am eating this hurricane weekend is entirely homemade,
unless you count an end-of-the-world journey to korea town at around 4 in the saturday morning. 
{thighs + me @ kunjip, eating what could have been our last meal ever}
because when the subways are shut down, and it is simply too windy and unsafe to ride the molly mobile, why not stay inside all weekend and make shit?
for breakfast day one, i made two little breakfast sandwiches:
herby ricotta + cherry/bluebee/strawbee jam + rosemary
a slow poached farm egg + garlic butter
whole wheat english muffins
english muffins are such a sad situation because i feel like for most people, the extent of their english muffin knowledge comes from those thomas' thingies. but if as much care was put into them as any other of their breakfast bread brethren, like say the bagel, english muffins could shine, too. sarabeth's and m. wells make yummy house-made ones, but nowhere can you sit by the stove waiting for a hot and doughy one to flip off the pan {save for your own kitchen}. these set the cooking standard extremely high for hurricane weekend. 
cherry/bluebee/strawbee jam{in a saucepan, simmerin} cherries + bluebees + strawbees + water + salt --> 1/2 cup sugar --> 1/2 cup sugar + lemon juice 
herby ricotta: heat whole milk + heavy cream to 180 degrees, add lemon juice, strain. add herbies.
slow poached farm egg: go to the market, get an egg, put it in 145 degree water for an hour. using your engineering skillz, don't let it touch the bottom of the pan.
garlic butter: shake up heavy cream until it separates, wash it, add crushed garlic.
english muffins: use alton brown's recipe and substitute 1/2 cup of all purpose flour for whole wheat flour. and don't fret if you don't have powdered milk, i substituted that and the hot water for 1 cup of hot milk.
 for a snackee, some dippy things were in order:
mustard lentil dip
chili mango jam
these were both inspired by trader joe's things. the lentil dip is because i wanted to make tj's masala lentil dip. but i don't have masala spices... and i do have mustard, you know. even though it's barf colored, it tastes reeeeally really good. and it is healthyful.
the chili mango jam was inspired by tj's chili spiced mangos, which are what i tell the friendly cashier to leave out of the shopping bag so that i can have a commute munchie {but actually on friday i didn't even get to the cashier before opening them because of the apocalyptic checkout line of people buying 100 jars of peanut butter}. both the jam and dip are good on crackers or muffins or... with a spoon, sitting on the couch, in your underpants. 
mustard lentil dip: lentils + water + tahini + honey & whiskey mustard + garlic dijon mustard + lemon juice + sugar + salt + pepper + cayenne + paprika + garlic --> blend {you can probably use any mustards... i recommend having one of them be dijon}
chili mango: {in a saucepan, simmerin} mango + water + salt --> sugar + cayenne + paprika --> more sugar + cayenne + paprika --> lemon juice --> blend
and for the dessert to my snackee {i hope that a lot of people do that}:
lemon rosemary cupcakes
i sort of donked these. they were an attempt at cupcaking this delicious lemon loaf that my mum makes {that, you would never know it, but is from one of those healthfood whatever cookbooks weight watchers extravaganza things}. but either i kept them in the oven too long, or the recipe is just not meant to be cupcaked... and they are all dry and sad pandas now. but, hey! isn't that plate pretty? i made it at camp.
dinner day one was, are you ready for this? 
homemade ramen! 
{hello, poached egg-u!}
lucky peach [issue 1] has a recipe for alkaline noodles where the first step is baking baking soda for an hour and then mixing a ton of it with flour and water. and what baking soda becomes after it's been baked is totally bizarre, make my mouth feel like i'm glad my roommate put that poison control hotline sticker on the fridge. i'm thinking maybe the amount in the recipe was wrong, or i'm just an alkaline noodle newbie. oh well. the texture was super great though. and they were placed in a soy saucey broth with squash and beet greens... and for garnish i added some of the really yummy seaweed that my korean ex-roomie left behind, chopped up jalapenos, and a slow poached 140ish degree egg. and the egg had a sriracha face. face!

anyways. i have officially slept through and survived the premature irene, my first hurricane. but all of my sunday plans are going to remain cancelled so that i can continue hurricane weekend food-making fest. stay tuned for survival, day two...


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

more homemade than this and there'd be a cow in my kitchen

this was produced in my home science lab yesterday.
it's ricotta!!
and alls it took was some milk and a lemon
and way more patience than my comfort zone could handle.
if ever you're looking for some good old-fashioned g-rated excitement, try pouring lemon juice into milk that has heated to 180 degrees and then watch the curds and whey separate. 
it is so cool i don't know why anyone would need cable television when they could watch curds and whey separate. 
 today i mixed the ricotta with an egg and some herbies and young broccoli leaves and encased it in whole wheat pasta dough to make humungo ravioli friends. i then introduced them to some tomato friends. and together they made the best dinner ever. 
take that, teensy kitchen!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

earthquake dumplings

 hipster dumplings
atop some ceramics i made at camp dumplings
sunchokes were my lunch today. which led to some really disgustingly loud tummy grumblies {unbelievably loud, in fact}. so when the floor and my chair started to feel like jell-o, i thought oh man these sunchoke tummy grumblies are really getting to me, i should spot the nearest waste basket. and i didn't say anything to anyone until people whom i safely assumed hadn't had a sunchoke lunch were talking about a similar jell-o experience. and it was indeed mister earthquake. my first. and i am just grateful that i didn't know it was happening when it happened because if i did, i would have probably had a fast-breathing attack. and near-fast-breathing attacks call for comfort food. like homemade dumplings! and in my teensy apartment kitchen, that is a big big job. but it happened, and they were so incredibly marvelous and just the kind of post-grumbly-and-earthquake comfort i needed. to be exact, they were {whole wheat vegetable dumplings} and they were rather winged.

the wrappers: whole wheat flour + water + lots of kneading and resting
the innards {mainly a mixture of what looked good at the market on sundee}: squashies + zucchini + carrots + young broccoli + sugar, soy sauce, salt, garlic, flour
the sauce: soy sauce + sesame oil + red pepper flakes + rice vinegar + rice wine + garlic

oh dumpling heavens they were good. i wish i hadn't et them all so i could have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

a proper good first weekend home

or: the yummiest camp food detox ever
berries! berries of all sorts, large and small, frozen and smashed, locally grown and flown from far farrrr away. watermelon, yogurt, smoothies galore. a whole wheat pizza night with pineapple and zucchini courgette! hold the cheese. from scratch: black bean hummus, sesame noodles, zingerman's carrot top, whole wheat sourdough, a plan for cornmeal pancakes {but maybe next weekend!} caramelized onion + chive jam. apples, tangerines, apples, tangerines. brown rice sushi, baked oatmeal. a bit of arugula and some cheese at edi & the wolf... and a nice warm cup of red velvet tea. get it while it's hot. 

oh and that hot dog. is not a hot dog. it is a suicide dog from the meathook stand at smorgasburg. "it's all the leftover meat from this week, made into a sausage!" says mike. and there was more flavor in one bite of that than in all of the food that i ate this summer combined. {welcome home, me!}

also: some quality hours spent by the river with the molly mobile, and the {just about} end to a week-long cleaning + organizing session of my little apartment. phew!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

:: today ::

today i woke up in a large clean bed with cool clean sheets and scurried up to get ready for a bike ride. i rode my bike {zoom zoom} past the yummy-smelling pastry stand, past the site of my favorite taco truck, and in to central park. there i rode one big loop, all around the park. it was crowded and i almost bumped in to people. 

after returning from my bike ride, i cleansed and exfoliated. i dried and dressed. and then fixed myself a berry + chocolate yogurt smoothie and a small cup of strong coffee. while the coffee cooled, i enjoyed my smoothie with a baked blueberry oatmeal circle that i made yesterday. after that i cleaned a bit, drank my coffee, applied some powder and mascara, and then packed my basket for work. in my basket, i packed my: wallet, keys, lunch, green cardigan, flower mug, spectacles, cell phone, dark lip balm, and minty lip gloss. 

during my ride through riverside park on my way to work, i spotted a trio of puli dogs and thought, before i saw those puli dogs, it would have been nearly impossible for the day to get better. and then i saw the puli dogs and it did! i smiled and continued on to work, where i enjoyed a lovely lunch with a few of my very favorite people. for lunch i had: quinoa with flax seeds and vegetables, whole grain crackers with a rag tag homemade version of zingerman's carrot top spread, and a tangerine. it was delightful. as was my day at work. as was my time spent with my people after work. as was now. 

as was... now.


Monday, August 15, 2011

the war is over and we are beginning

{women of camp k--}
{life during wartime}
{bunk g counselors survivors}
b is for the best team
l is for the loudest team
u is for unique team
e is for the energy
go blue
{wall staff}
{in our bedroom after the war}

color war broke by way of fire-eaters. 
there were battles of strength, speed, and who can make the most appetizing dish using canned corn as the main ingredient. 
there was the rope burn and semi-silent meals,
apache relay and a successful sing.
in the end the other guys won. 
and then it was the second to last day of camp.
and then the last.
so now i sit in my air-conditioned room in my tiny apartment in manhattan, 
with a belly full of bluebees. 
...and i'm itching to know:
were the past two months for real?


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

is there anything better than a bosco stick.

 there should be a website that is
and all it would say when you click on it would be:
two bosco sticks
or something else of the awesome equivalent to a pair of bosco sticks,
because it is a fact that bosco sticks are better than mortal life.
in youth times, my everyday school lunch consisted of
bosco sticks + a naked juice 
{green machine or mighty mango... it evened out the unhealthyful qualities of breadsticks with cheese in the middle}
...and i hadn't had a single bosco stick since high school...
 until a few nights ago, when the stars alined and i happened to be in canteen when they were the evening special. ohhh, was that moment transcendent... reliving the memory like it was yesterday  {sitting in the titan cafeteria, bosco stick in one hand, graphing calculator in the other hand, scribbling through my calculus homework} and asking myself
why do we need vegetables when we have these? 
just want to eat bosco sticks every day of my life.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

that time i was the biggest kid on camp

 never mind all of that kvetching about the food, there are so many awesome things that i've been doing in the absence of yummies. the past few days have included some endless giggling on the swing set, making earrings out of feathers that i found on the ground {stoopie, look out for some airmail!}, rafting down the delaware, and harvesting a cilantro leaf from the wall staff herb garden. i've also been guilty of eating oreos til pukey time and painting my nails pink with sparkles. though perhaps one of the best things about this week was when co-counselor melissa made me a tie dye top. ooh and don't even get me started about the ceramics that is in the kiln as i type... 


Saturday, August 6, 2011

milk + cookies before taps

every time i coil a rope, i hold it up by the tail and, in my best seamus mcfly voice, i say to the wall boys, maggie i got dinner! but no one gets it. 
 this is what a typical bunk's condiment basket looks like.
 this is what my bunk's condiment basket looks like.
"eat fish + chips" is now on my to-do list
{being read to with no interruptions but bird calls}
a knot that won't come undone
hand drawn maps
holy crap apple picking season is nearing
but color war is nearer
and i have no intention of using anything besides uni-ball rollerball pens ever again


Friday, August 5, 2011

all i want for my blog's birthday is a cupcake that was nary frozen

and a levain cookie with a scoop of ice cream on top.
and a roma tomato...
napoletana pizza, 
gouda cheese,
and a quinoa salad would be nice.
maybe also a whole grain, a fresh vegetable, and a berry as well?
today my blog is two.
and in typical narcissistic blog mommy fashion,
the only thing that is on my mind is food that is not dining hall food. but since it's my blog, it's probably on my blog's mind, too. it screams,
molly, blog about good food! not crunchy bagel cream cheese shit!
i'm going crazy here, people. there's a half empty box of chips ahoy sitting in front of me. and as much as i hope and wish and dream, those cookies ain't turning into levain.
happy birthday, mister blog!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

the rite of summer

...comes ooey gooey, 
totally melty, 
and with a bit of leftover dirt from your marshmallow stick...
it'll blow a brit's mind...
extra points if you look like you just came from square dancing.
and triple that if you actually did...

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