Thursday, January 26, 2012


today i feel like a blob.
a headachey, coughy, throat-hurty blob.
and it is so pooey. 
i stayed home from rehearsal and schnitzel lunch and work,
and sat in bed and ate salami sandwiches
and looked at things on the computer.
i wished i could go outside and play,
and maybe go see antony and the johnsons play at radio city.
but i don't think i will do that...
because i feel like a blob.
-yeh :-/


Sara Szatmary said...

Feel better soon!

mackenzie said...

poopy blobby feelings are sooooo lamesauce. hope you feel better, molly dear.

Lottie said...

Hope you feel better soon Molly and that you feel like a blob no more!

Antiquity's Child said...

Sorry to here that but this made me laugh. Such a great expression and drawings. Blob. haha. Hope you feel like a rock soon.

min said...

this is too cute! hope you get well soon!

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