Monday, January 16, 2012


i took a little vacay to boston this weekend with joanna.
i know, who the eff would want to go to boston in january?
let me rephrase that:
who wouldn't want to see their friend play cimbalom with the bso, sip on the best fig cocktail in the world, purchase some fabulous dresses on newbury street, have an amazing dinner at oleana* {complete with a chocolate tahini tart and halvah ice cream}, gorge on pancakes and linguica with two of the sweetest people on earth, and run into the first dude i ever went on a date with?
my hands are still thawing,
but holy smokes was it worth it.
i love boston. i'd love it more if it were tropical,
but oh is it loverly!

*a thousand zillion thanks to jess for this recommendation 


Jess said...

I'd know that spinach and beet falafel anywhere. Did you say halvah ice cream? That must be new on the menu this season. Must get back there, soon. So glad you enjoyed.

becca said...

okay, so. where is your favorite place to be? big question, right? where's the best food you've found yet?
I need to know!

Lottie said...

I need pancakes right at this moment! Boston sounds amazing and the cold doesn't intimidate me!

But I will probably never make it as I live across the Pond and the massive flight would be on hell of a commute! But if I eventually make it there I will be looking up those places the food looks sooooo good!!

Sara Szatmary said...

aw! looks so fun!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

What a fabulous weekend trip! I want to go to Boston!

mackenzie said...

is it creepy that i know exactly where you guys were?! and that i totes went to nyc that weekend?! we did a swapsie. so glad you got to eat your way through my city! :)

Back Bay Hotel in Boston said...

Boston city has boasting privileges as the ancient of many elements, but there is more to Boston that to what first meets the eye.

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