Tuesday, January 24, 2012

happy new year!!

"happy lunar new year, erryone!"
says one half of me.
the other half celebrated back in september,
and currently my two halves are battling over which new year was tastier.
oh is it close!
because we're basically talking apple donuts vs. dark chocolate sesame balls,
and pumpkin ice cream vs. orange black sesame ice cream.
alls i know is, i am on dumpling hangover after an amazing chinese new year party last night.
{quoth the invitation, "100+ dumplings"}
there were big dumplings and bigger dumplings and gooey ones and
sweet ones... there were ones i had never had before, and ones that got deformed, so by default we deep fried them.
oh it was great!
my favorite non-edible part was the company,
and how everyone had a dslr glued to their face.
it was camera dumpling shoptalk everywhere and i am unashamed to say i loved it.
p.s. who else is super excited that it's dragon year? i would totally have a pet dragon if i was a mermaid.


Lottie said...

Those dark chocolate sesame balls look amazing! I wish I had some now!

And I would so have adragon and a unicorn...and a genie in a lamp!

Feifei said...

OMG My mom is still making New Years goodies =D feels so awesomely Chinese! Hopefully you got some filling recipes!

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