Wednesday, February 29, 2012

indie food and wine

with the birth of a casual cozy cafe with local 
ingredients and a juilliard discount
that serves brussel sprouts and squash soup
and that is located in the butt region of the lincoln
comes the answer to every question that arises
when there's an elite event happening in tully,
or when you want yummy, trendy food before work or a concert.
{assuming you simply didn't dress for the lincoln that morning.
yes, that's why.}
is my new favorite.
it is not perfect. my soup is sometimes lukewarm.
but it is the mature version of the steak n shake from my past life as a teenager:
the regular, familiar eatery where everyone knows everyone
and there are booths and you can sit for hours and talk about the meaning of life or gossip.



Dancing Branflake said...

I have a place like that also! It's not the greatest restaurant but it's always the place we go to on Wednesday night.

Lottie said...

There was a place like this at uni and it served such good cake and pizzas--Oh the pizzas.

The best was the chats though and the memories :)

Mackenzie said...

you sold me on the booths and soup. this looks dreamy!

Austin Scott Brooks said...

While I agree on the one hand with it being comfortable & cozy, with a great atmosphere, the actual food part of Indie Food & Wine was not a good experience for me. We went 4 time, and the food just didn't get better. It's awesome for the atmosphere, but for good eats, you can definitely get better food for the money.

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