Friday, February 17, 2012

winter, be gone

i'm ready for the sun,
the outdoor brunches,
my bike,
peter, bjorn, and john::arcade fire::mgmt,
my pretty mustard yellow spring jacket,
my birthday,
and ramps.
oh life, give me lemon season.


Lottie said...

I need to feel proper sunshone on my skin, and go out in just a top, and wear pretty dresses, and have picnics--I can't wait for the spring, hurry up!

Lottie said...

meant as in top withought a sweater not as in just a top no trousers--now that would create quite a stir!

Mackenzie said...

yes yes yes lake jumping is a physical need right now.

Charlotte said...

Peter, Bjorn and John, Arcade Fire and MGMT are very much summer bands. I like your picks.

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