Friday, March 30, 2012

if that lottery winner is me

{and poverty and disease and my parents' mortgage are eliminated}
1. all of you will be invited to brunch and high tea in my cobble hill town home
2. ...and wine and epoisses in my garden in france
3. i'd be a regular at blue hill stone barns
4. juilliard and m.y.a. would never want for a percussion instrument or commission they couldn't have
5. le creuset, le creuset, le creuset
6. a new bakery in the berkshires, you say? ok!
7. hailing a cab after closing out d.b.a. will nary be an issue {lars will drive us}
8. i'll start a music festival, or a mustard shop, or a hybrid of the two
9. hoverboard technology... that'll happen
10. there would be 16 handles on my block, and a croissant delivery man
11. the entertainment at my wedding: punch brothers
12. oh! and i'll have the loveliest chicken coup.



Marlena said...

Am I the only one that hasn't heard of this lottery? I feel like I just crawled out of a cave.

Anyway, your list sounds very well thought out there haha I especially like the chicken soup bit.

I'd first buy a boat and then pay a bakery in France to air ship me sweets while I'm sailing all over the world on it. Just imagined myself sitting in sweats, watching a whale do a trick, and eating macaroons.

Is it still too late to get a ticket?

Lottie said...

I hope you win because brunch would be amazing ;)

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