Friday, March 9, 2012


sometimes i avoid brunch like the plague because all it is is waiting on really long lines, for all the same pancake stuff, and i'm either hungover or full from last night's lucky burger or both. 
but none of those things are true when mum is here!
hi, mum! oh hi, justit!
for when mum is here, we wake up early to avoid the lines and go to badass places like
{and of course, we're not hungover because mums don't do that}
it was mum's idea because since she read blood, bones, and butter
she can't shut up about the gabrielle hamilton.
it was super delightfully tasty.
my favorites were the carbonara {for breakfast!!} and the dutch pancake {which was thick and sweet and doughy, like a real cake!} and the potatoes that came with my eggs were such a highbrow brilliant hash brown. 
nothing needed more salt or pepper or anything because it was all so flavorful and fantastic.
well, the bloody mary needed booze. but that's not their fault, it's new york state's fault whatever. 
and it ended so happily, with a revival of the lost art of after-dinner mints in the form of black licorice. which normally i would have left, but something came over me and i really enjoyed black licorice for i think the first time and it was such a peculiar yet fabulous way to end a yummy brunch.
if prune was a person, i think i'd totally want to be her friend because she'd probably be one of those that plans beautiful tea parties and wears great dresses but also has a potty mouth.


Meredith said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with those emotions about brunch.

Molly said...

Sounds and looks like a pretty delicious experience. I'm not a black licorice fan AT ALL. {blech} But now you have me wondering... should I try it again just in case? hmmmm.

Lottie said...

Looks like a great place--I went back to my favourite brunch place today and it has changed hands and is now rubbish--so disappointing!

Mackenzie said...

oh mylanta, this place looks like a dream!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

I LOVED that book, I can't wait to try this restaurant firsthand someday.

kim said...

Nothing wrong with eating pasta for breakfast. Japanese eats rice for breakfast, Chinese eats congee, American eats bread. Just a form of delicious carb. :)

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