Thursday, March 29, 2012

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summer food by way of finishing everything with a little squeeze of lemon.
a birthday dinner at allswell chocolate coconut marzipan cake* made by me, photograph made by donny. i reckon that's good teamwork, eh? 
 sandwich cookies for the upcoming issue of the violet
{above: corn cookie jalapeno jammers}
frozen yogurt a new favorite ritual? taking myself on nightly dates to 16 handles.
the soundtrack punch brothers {including their new song on the hunger games album, dark days} + death cab + feist + a bit of mahler 4


*what happens when the only milk you have for this recipe is coconut milk


Marlena said...

So. much. goodness.

That cake is AWESOME SAUCE. Can you make me one for my birthday and then just fedex it on over? Seriously, it looks like you got it from a store.

Also, taking yourself on nightly dates- too sweet. I do the same just to this cupcake bakery around the corner from my apartment. I spoil myself so :P

Sara Szatmary said...

that cake is too flipping cute. you're such a good friend!

becca said...

wait, wait. are you in the next issue of Violet, with your little cookies??

Lottie said...

That cake looks so good--especially the icing. I might have to borrow that decorating idea :)

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